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    May, 1984

    This Act, consisting of 99 sections divided into twelve Parts, establishes the local government and community justice groups for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities. It applies to indigenous local government areas of laws relating to public places in Queensland.

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    March, 1984

    This Act makes provision with respect to the creation and registration of leases. There shall be a Land Leases Register for the registration of each lease required to be registered by this Act. The Act defines various conditions applying to a registered lease and the effects of registration. Other provisions of this Act concern other titles in land such as mortgages and easements, co-ownership, transmission, trusts, and cautions.

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    October, 1984

    The Decree sets out the general conditions for the transfer of ownership of government lands to the Omani citizens under their personal request. It also sets forth rules with respect to land ownership and land use rights. The conditions for granting residential lands, commercial and industrial lands or agricultural lands are stated in the Decree.The authorities of reference are the Ministry of Land Affairs and the municipalities.

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    October, 1984

    La presente Ley declara de interés público en todo el territorio provincial el mantenimiento y restauración de la capacidad productiva de los suelos. Quedan incorporadas al régimen de la presente ley, en lo referente a la aplicación de las técnicas conservacionistas, las áreas comprendidas dentro de los ejidos municipales que por sus características productivas, o por extensión o influencia resulten necesarios, como así las tierras públicas y privadas.

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    December, 1984

    This Law, consisting of 22 articles, provides for agricultural soil preservation within the State of Paraná. The agricultural land is a National Patrimony and, consequently, it is under the responsibility of the State, the rightful owners, the temporary occupants and the community to preserve it, exercising in it the right of ownership or temporary possession with the limitations established in this agricultural land code of use. The use of agricultural land will only be allowed through land use planning, according to its capacity through the use of appropriate technology.

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    November, 1984

    The objective of this Law, which includes 28 articles and 3 provisional articles in 3 sections, is to make provision for the following matters: (1) Productive cultivation of the land and increase employment in these areas; (2) Distribution of land to landless farmers or farmers with insufficient land; support and training to farmers; (3) Small land integration for productive cultivation; (4) Creation of new settlement locations and enlargement of existing settlement areas; (5) When necessary, rearrangement of land for other purposes.

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