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    Reports & Research
    September, 1997

    The Karen State of Kawthoolei has been heavily dependent on teak extraction to fund the Karen National
    Union struggle against the Burmese military junta, the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC).
    Raymond Bryant explores the social and economic structure of Kawthoolei, and the way in which resource
    extraction was more than simply a source of revenue � it was also an integral part of the assertion of Karen

  2. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    November, 1997

    Situation to end 1997

  3. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    February, 1997

    SLORC's campaign of forced relocations and forced-labour road building in the Palauk-Palaw, Mergui and Tenasserim regions, which began in September 1996, is now being accelerated ... Almost every village between the Tavoy-Mergui-Kawthaung car road in the west and the Tenasserim River in the east, from Palauk in the north to Tenasserim town in the south has been ordered to move one or more times between September 1996 and January 1997..."

  4. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    April, 1997

    This report documents human rights violations carried out by troops from the ruling State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) against Karenni people in Karenni (Kayah) State in eastern Burma. Information regarding human rights abuses in the area has come from interviews with Karenni refugees who have fled into Thailand, and with officials from the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP). ADDITIONAL KEYWORDS:
    forced resettlement, forced relocation, forced movement, forced displacement, forced migration,
    forced to move, displaced

  5. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    July, 1997

    This report focuses . . . human rights violations against members of ethnic minority groups. These abuses, including extrajudicial executions; ill-treatment in the context of forced portering and labour; and intimidation during forcible relocations occur both in the context of counter-insurgency operations, and in areas where cease-fires hold. The State Law and Order Restoration Council SLORC, Myanmar's military government) continues to commit human rights violations in ethnic minority areas with complete impunity.

  6. Library Resource
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1997
    Nigeria, Panama, Italy

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