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    January, 2002
    Philippines, Eastern Asia, Oceania

    How can the process of tropical deforestation be controlled? We now know a good deal about the causes of deforestation but not its control. Research from the University of Leeds in Thailand and the Philippines fills this gap, showing that changes in the domestic political scene explain how deforestation processes have been controlled in the two countries. Environmental constraints and increases in agricultural productivity can curb the demand for farmland to some extent.

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    January, 2002
    Indonesia, Eastern Asia, Oceania

    Latest report from Friends of the Earth's Coporates Campaign looking at linkages between financial institutions, pulp and paper manufaturers and paper merchants in forest destruction. The report focuses on the activities of Asia Pacific Resources International Holding Ltd (APRIL) - one of the worlds largest pulp and paper companies - and their subsidiary operations in Sumatra.

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    January, 2002

    Over the last 25 years a range of management ‘tools’, including zoning plans, permits, education, and more recently management plans, have been applied to regulate access and to control and mitigate impacts associated with human use of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park GBRMP.A multiple-use zoning approach provides high levels of protection for speci c areas whilst allowing reasonable uses, including certain shing activities, to continue in other zones. Zoning has long been regarded as a cornerstone of Marine Park management,

  4. Library Resource
    January, 2002
    China, Thailand, Oceania, Eastern Asia, Southern Asia

    What factors motivate developing countries to prevent deforestation, which can cause serious environmental damage, such as flooding? Do democratic states take action more effectively than authoritarian states?

  5. Library Resource
    January, 2002
    Indonesia, Eastern Asia, Oceania

    Joint report from Forest Watch Indonesia, World Resources Institute and Global Forest Watch. It provides a detailed analysis of the scale and pace of change affecting Indonesia’s forests. The report concludes that the doubling of deforestation rates in Indonesia is largely the result of a corrupt political and economic system that regards natural resources as a source of revenue to be exploited for political ends and personal gain.

  6. Library Resource
    January, 2002
    Cambodia, Oceania, Eastern Asia

    This report examines evidence of illegal logging that Global Witness has submitted to the Royal Government of Cambodia as part of the Forest Crimes Monitoring and Reporting Project and reviews the action and inaction of the government in each of the cases

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