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  1. Library Resource
    National Policies
    January, 2002

    The Environmental Action Strategy for Sustainable Development in Italy is a strategic instrument with a national coverage which sets out the goals to be attained for sustainable development and outlines related measures and actions to be undertaken. The national environmental action strategy ensures continuity to the European Union action, namely through the Sixth Environmental Action Plan, with the targets regarding social cohesion, full employment and environmental protection approved by the Council of Europe in Lisbon and Göthenburg.

  2. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2001

    In de Vijfde Nota Ruimtelijke Ordening staat de militaire luchthaven Valkenburg gepland voor ontwikkeling als stedelijk gebied. Binnen de betreffende gemeentes (Wassenaar, Katwijk, Valkenburg) zijn diverse natuurbeschermingsorganisaties voorstander voor het behoud van de luchthaven. Om vanuit de optiek van natuurwaarden een bijdrage aan de discussie en besluitvorming te leveren is Alterra gevraagd om de potentiële ecologische waarde van het marinevliegkamp te beschrijven

  3. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 2001

    Met het in de Vijfde Nota Ruimtelijke Ordening voorgestelde beleid, worden de waardevolle landschappen in Nederland de komende 20 jaar vooralsnog onvoldoende beschermd tegen de oprukkende verstedelijking. Bij continuering van de huidige trends en zonder aanvullend beleid gaat in 2020 door verstedelijking ruim 20␟an de waardevolle landschappen verloren. Met name landschappen in de Noordvleugel van de Randstad en de provincie Utrecht staan onder druk. Het kabinet stelt in de Vijfde Nota wel doelen voor het behoud van landschap en introduceert onder meer het instrument 'groene contouren'.

  4. Library Resource
    January, 2002
    Burkina Faso, Senegal, Sudan, Niger, Ethiopia, Sub-Saharan Africa

    As decentralisation and tenure reform sweeps through the Sahel, doubts remain whether communities can look after commonly owned land. Is privatisation or state control the best means of preventing the degradation of resources? Can local communities forge institutional mechanisms to regulate competing claims on common resources?

  5. Library Resource
    January, 2002
    Latin America and the Caribbean

    Using a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model this report identifies the links among economic growth, poverty alleviation, and natural resource degradation in Brazil.

  6. Library Resource
    January, 2002

    Everyone agrees that logging and agriculture can cause deforestation. But does shifting cultivation, or ‘slash and burn’ farming destroy forests particularly? Are local farmers solely to blame? Recent research by Overseas Development Institute (ODI) suggests the role of shifting farming in starting forest fires has been exaggerated. It is not, in fact, a major cause of biodiversity loss. The report finds that the causes of deforestation are many and varied, and that governments and international investors are also responsible.

  7. Library Resource
    January, 2002

    How can integrative analysis (IA) of city systems improve understanding of the links between environmental and social problems? Can this analysis inform future decision- making? Collaborative research by the Australian National University and Mahidol University, Thailand, uses IA to analyse environmental problems, land use, and behaviour patterns in Bangkok. Do the roots of the city’s environmental problems lie in the nature of decision-making by stakeholders at every level, as the article suggests?

  8. Library Resource
    January, 2002
    Kenya, India, Nicaragua, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Southern Asia

    This toolkit provides a framework for main-streaming gender in rural development activities.It addresses the lack of conceptual and practical tools in the area of sustainable land management. Its modular design allows for individual approaches and targets development staff at the project and programme levels, with the aim of helping them to find practical ways of dealing with gender issues in rural development activities.

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