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    June, 2001

    La présente loi met en exécution, entre autres, la loi du 20 juin 2001 sur le développement rural et l’ordonnance 7 décembre 1998 sur les améliorations structurelles dans l'agriculture (ordonnance sur les améliorations structurelles) (OAS)5).

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    National Policies
    January, 2001

    Le Programme d’Action National de lutte contre la Désertification (PAN) qui constitue l’outil essentiel de mise en œuvre de la convention internationale de lutte contre la désertification au Maroc est fondé sur les principes de : la prise en compte des facteurs de blocage, la promotion d'une approche globale et participative, le principe d'intégration, la tâche d'intégration, le principe de concertation, le principe de la décentralisation, le principe d'une approche spatiale, le principe de durée et de souplesse, la promotion de l’approche genre.De façon globale, le Programme d’Action Natio

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    January, 2001

    The present Law lays down provisions relating to building technology and building equipment, as well as to special environmental, health and energy requirements of buildings. Furthermore, the Law also applies to parcel of lands and other constructions and facilities subject to requirements of the present Law.

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    July, 2001

    This Law is composed of 58 articles divided in five Chapters. It regulates the use of urban property with the view of granting the public interest, the well being of the population and environmental equilibrium. According to the Law, urban policy aims at planning the full development of all municipal social and property functions. To this end, the law provides general guidelines, defines competences and functions between the Federal, State and Municipal levels. Moreover, it defines urban policy instruments, regulates the master plans, and urban management democratic structures.

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    June, 2001

    This Regulation defines the protection, management and other environmental issues aimed to be used as internal rules for the safe and sustainable use of the Croatian Nature Park Biokovo, and also prescribes offenses and determines the penalties for noncompliance with the prescribed requirements.

    Implements: Law declaring the mountain Biokovo as Nature Park. (1981-06-08)

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    National Policies
    January, 2002

    The Environmental Action Strategy for Sustainable Development in Italy is a strategic instrument with a national coverage which sets out the goals to be attained for sustainable development and outlines related measures and actions to be undertaken. The national environmental action strategy ensures continuity to the European Union action, namely through the Sixth Environmental Action Plan, with the targets regarding social cohesion, full employment and environmental protection approved by the Council of Europe in Lisbon and Göthenburg.

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