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    uma proposta institucionalista para ampliar a governança fundiária

    Journal Articles & Books
    January, 2012
    South America, Brazil
    O artigo discute, sob uma perspectiva institucionalista, a dimensão do problema fundiário brasileiro expresso pela fragilidade dos direitos de propriedade da terra rural. Além dos condicionantes históricos referidos no texto, o artigo chama a atenção para o papel das instituições de registro e cadastro de imóveis que, por estarem separadas e não integradas, favorecem as práticas de fraude, apossamento e potencializam os conflitos fundiários.
  2. Library Resource
      Country profile – Brunei Darussalam
    Reports & Research
    December, 2011
    Brunei Darussalam

    The country profile is a summary of key information that gives an overview of the water resources and water use at the national level. It can support water-related policy and decision makers in their planning and monitoring activities as well as inform researchers, media and the general public. Information in the report is organized by sections:

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    Disputes And Issues Relating To Sale And Purchase Of Land In Malaysia
    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2011

    This chapter deals with the sale of land or building or parcel in a sub-divided building or land parcel in Malaysia. Realising that it is quite impossible to give a complete treatment of such sale and purchase transaction in just a few pages of this chapter, it is proposed that the approach taken in this writing will be to introduce such transaction to the general reader and to only elaborate the salient features, issues and disputes of a general sale and purchase of land in Malaysia.

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