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    Reports & Research
    January, 2014

    We examine the role of spatial interactions in conservation easements placed on prairie pothole habitat in western Canada. One of the goals of the conservation easement program we study is to protect contiguous habitat. We identify endogenous spatial interactions among conservation easements and government protected land, independent of spatially correlated landscape features and local economic shocks that influence easement enrollment. We present evidence that easements increase the likelihood of subsequent easements on neighboring land.

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    Reports & Research
    December, 2013

    Using spatial data integration and database technology, analyzing and integrating the assessment results in all the development zones at different time in Hunan Province, the paper is intended to construct the database and managerial system for the assessment results of land use intensity in development zones, thus formulating “one map” of Hunan Development zones and realizing the integrated management and application of the assessment results in all the development zones at any time of Hunan above the provincial level.

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    Reports & Research
    July, 2013
    Norway, Vietnam

    After the Doi Moi (‘renovation’) reforms in Vietnam from 1986, land ownership rules were adjusted, effectively terminating former land collectivisation efforts. While land ownership remained fully under the control of the state, a 1993 land law conferred 20-year leaseholds to most farmers. They could now utilize farm land individually, and sell, swap and mortgage the land in a situation similar to private ownership. These leaseholds are now expiring and a new 2013 land law is in the making.

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    Reports & Research
    May, 2013

    "The government of Uganda, with help from its development partners, is designing and implementing policies and strategies to address poverty, land degradation, and declining agricultural productivity. Land degradation, especially soil erosion and depletion of soil nutrients, is widespread in Uganda and contributes to declining productivity, which in turn increases poverty.

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    Reports & Research
    January, 2013
    Nigeria, United States of America

    In order to ensure agricultural sustainability, as highlighted in the millennium development goals, it has become necessary to focus policies on enhancing sustainable land management, especially in vulnerable areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Hence there is the need for this study which was designed to analyze the determinants of farmers’ adoption of Sustainable Land Management Practices (SLMP) in the production of maize and cassava in Ogun State. Multi-stage sampling technique was adopted in this study. The data for study was collected from 338 farmers with the use of questionnaire.

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    Reports & Research
    May, 2013

    The government of Uganda is currently decentralizing many of its services including those directly related to agriculture and the environment. Non-government organizations (NGOs) and community-based organizations (CBOs) are being asked to take the lead in the provision of government services such as agricultural extension during the transition to demand driven fee-for-service. This paper explores the role of government programs, NGOs and CBOs in the adoption of land management technologies.

  7. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    November, 2013
    United States of America

    According to the most recent AgLetter, Seventh District farmland values in the third quarter of 2013 were 14 percent higher than a year ago. However, values for “good” agricultural land in the third quarter of 2013 were only 1 percent higher than in the second quarter.

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