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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    January, 2014
    Sierra Leone

    Since 2004, the World Bank has provided continuous “investment climate advisory services” to Sierra Leone. Business reforms and Bank-piloted programs such as Sierra Leone Business Forum and the Sierra Leone Investment and Export Promotion Agency led to the World Bank classifying Sierra Leone among “the top 15 economies that improved their business regulatory environment the most” since 2005 and rank the country third in the regional “Protection of Investors” category.

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    Training Resources & Tools
    January, 2014
    Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya, Madagascar, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana

    Land is a vital resource that sustains livelihoods across Sub-Saharan Africa, but also one that is heavily prone to corruption. Every second citizen in Africa has been affected by land corruption in recent years, according to a study by Transparency International.

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    National Policies
    January, 2014

    Le Plan d’action pour la gestion des risques agricoles au Niger (PAGRA) s’inscrit dans le cadre de la mise en œuvre de la stratégie de développement agricole et de sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle de l’Initiative « Les Nigériens Nourrissent les Nigériens » (3N).

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    January, 2014
    Tanzania, Kenya, Morocco, Benin, Tunisia

    The Integrated Drylands Development Programme (IDDP) is a global UNDP initiative to promote sustainable development in the drylands, and advance the implementation of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification. This topic brief highlights the important role that gender plays in this context of sustainable development, in particular the role of women in the Arab States and Africa. In these regions, inequality and stereotypical gender norms often prevent women from contributing to the sustainable development of drylands, despite possessing a wealth of traditional knowledge and skills.

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    Mamadi Queluntã
    Reports & Research
    February, 2014
    Africa, Guinea-Bissau, South America, Brazil

    A presente dissertação foi construída a partir da problemática de pesquisa vinculada ao Programa de Mestrado em Desenvolvimento Regional, da Universidade Tecnológica Federal do Paraná – UTFPR, Câmpus Pato Branco, acerca do contexto do desenvolvimento rural da Guiné-Bissau na perspectiva da sustentabilidade.

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    Reports & Research
    February, 2014
    Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, China, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Philippines, Thailand, Uganda, Zambia

     It is well recognized that secure land and property rights for all are essential to reducing poverty because they underpin economic development and social inclusion. Secure land tenure and property rights enable people in urban and rural areas to invest in improved homes and livelihoods. Although many countries have completely restructured their legal and regulatory framework related to land and they have tried to harmonize modern statutory law with customary ones, millions of people around the world still have insecure land tenure and property rights.

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    January, 2014

    This basic Agriculture Public
    Expenditure Review (AgPER) documents and analyzes
    information on the volume and structure of Liberia's
    past public expenditure on the agriculture sector and draws
    conclusions that can provide an orientation for future
    policies in view of the effectiveness of spending. The
    AgPER's focus is on the sectors of agriculture,
    including crops, fisheries, and forestry, in line with the

  8. Library Resource
    January, 2014

    Ghana, like many other African
    countries, had made a commitment in 2003 to allocate at
    least ten percent of their national budgetary resources to
    develop the agricultural sector by 2008, following the
    adoption of the Comprehensive African Agriculture
    Development Programme (CAADP), with an aim towards realizing
    food security and poverty reduction. This Agriculture Public
    Expenditure Review (AgPER) for Ghana analyzes data on public

  9. Library Resource
    January, 2014
    Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone is still recovering from a
    brutal civil war (1991-2002), fuelled in part by a valuable
    and easily extractable natural resource (diamonds). Sierra
    Leone now stands on the verge of an unprecedented period of
    economic growth, driven primarily by revenues from
    large-scale iron ore mining. Yet it continues to face many
    governance and developmental challenges. The rapid rise of
    the extractives governance agenda in Sierra Leone requires

  10. Library Resource
    January, 2014
    Ghana, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Eastern Africa, Asia, Southern Asia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mexico

    The United Nations declared 2014 the International Year of Family Farming. Although many forms of production were once family-based, agriculture is now one of the few that are still dominated by families. Because family farms are so prevalent, making them more productive could help combat poverty and hunger in many rural areas around the world. Family farms are mostly small in scale, but they are highly diverse in other ways, and their pathways out of poverty will vary.

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