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    Reports & Research
    January, 1987

    Earlier (1950s - early 1970s) development planning in African countries was essentially perceived and conceived as macro-economic planning. This perception placed overriding emphasis on the projection and maximization of national economic aggregates such as the GDP, the GNP per capita income, level of employment, stability of price levels etc. as sole measures of economic development performance.

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    Reports & Research
    March, 1987

    The basic cause of needless poverty and hunger in the rural Africa to-day is the stagnation of its main economic base - agriculture. It has settled down to a low level of equilibrium of income, saving and investment over time. Hence, most of the rural people of the region is caught in a vicious circle of a poverty trap. They are below the "absolute poverty line". The country studies show all of them are food-deficit.

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