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    January, 2017

    These Regulations reform the law in Ghana with respect to the granting of timber rights and related matters. They (a) regulate the identification of land suitable for the grant of timber rights, (b) regulate the terms and conditions for small and large scale timber rights, (c) regulate other sources of timber, and (d) provide for a legality licensing scheme.The Forestry Commission shall identify lands suitable for grant of large scale timber utilisation contracts. The Regulations set out the procedures for the identification of lands (including owner consent).

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    Ethiopia, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Regulation implements provisions of the Proclamation of The Southern Nations, Nationalities And Peoples Regional State on rural land rights and use. It applies to all types of rural land and lands used for agricultural purposes in urban territory.

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    Ethiopia, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Regulation implements provisions of the Oromia Regional Rural Land Administration and Use Proclamation with respect to the rights and obligations of rural land administration and use in transparent and responsible manner.

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    Vietnam, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    The Decree provides the allotment of state-owned land destined to planting of perennial trees, seasonal crops and forestation, plus the water surface required for aquaculture farming to individuals, households and organizations which shall invest in the resulting production. Planning and financial evaluation of production costs shall be prepared and funds destined to support all agricultural, forestry and aquaculture activities and operations.

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    Solomon Islands, Oceania

    This Ordinance of the Temotu Province concerns the administration of agriculture and the control on agricultural activities in the province. The Provincial Executive may establish a Provincial Agriculture Advisory Committee, the functions of which are defined by this Ordinance.

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    Rwanda, Eastern Africa, Africa

    Le présent arrêté détermine les modalités du sous-bail emphytéotique des terres destinées à l’exploitation agricole, à l’élevage et à l’exploitation forestière.Ces modalités du sous-bail emphytéotique concernent notamment le contrat du sous-bail emphytéotique; l’ enregistrement du sous-bail emphytéotique; la durée du bail les terres; la rectification de la superficie du terrain donné en sous-bail emphytéotique; l’interdiction de sous-louer; le droit d’hypothéquer les travaux réalisés sur le terrain; les litiges créés par des tiers; la vente des terres sous-louées; les modalités d’indemnisat

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    Guernsey, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Ordinance, made under the Land Planning and Development (Guernsey) Law, 2005, implements provisions of the Act by, among other things: giving definitions of selected development operations including operations in relation to conservation areas and operations in relation to protected trees; registration of planning applications and publicity of such applications; and material considerations in respect of selected matters including protected trees.

    Implements: Land Planning and Development (Guernsey) Law, 2005. (2011-03-10)

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    Belize, Americas, Central America

    Regulations to implement provisions of the Mines and Minerals Act in general.The 61 regulations are divided into 13 Parts: Preliminary (I); Non-exclusive prospecting licence (II); Pegging of claims (III); Quarry permit (IV); Mineral right and objections (V); Royalty and transfers (VI); Mineral Dealer’s licence and export permit (VII); Residence/use of land (VIII); Surveys (IX); Keeping records of minerals (X); Retention of minerals (XI); Miscellaneous (XII); Water and timber rights (XIII).Non-exclusive prospecting licences shall be issued by the Inspector in accordance with provisions of Pa

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