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    July, 2014

    This Act, consisting of 25 sections, establishes the Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board. It establishes composition, duties and responsibilities of the above mentioned Board as a statutory body which shall have the power to acquire, possess, and transfer both movable and immovable property. The general management and administration of the Board shall be entrusted to the Board of Directors.

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    May, 1998

    This Act, consisting of 20 sections and one Table, creates the Chittagong Hill Tracts Land Dispute Settlement Commission.

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    July, 1943

    Two separate compilations, “Training Material on West Bengal Financial Rules and Office Procedure” & “Training Material on West Bengal Service Rules” were published. These proved to be extremely useful and generated widespread demand for more copies. This document to put together rules, procedures, practices and executive orders laid down and released from time to time by the Government for running offices at the districts. It will be published shortly as another Monograph under the title, “Collectorate Manual”.

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    December, 1825

    In consequence of the frequent changes which take place in the channel of the principal  rivers that intersect the Provinces immediately subject to the Presidency of Fort Willima, and the Shifting of the sands which lie in the beds of those rivers, chars or small islands are often thrown up by alluvion in the midst of the stream or near one of the banks, and large portions of land are carried away by an encroachment of the river on one side, whilst accessions of land are at the same time, or in subse quent years, gained by dereliction of the water on the opposite side; similar instances of

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    Legislation & Policies
    July, 1954

    The East Bengal State Acquisition and Tenancy Act of 1950 (also known as the East Pakistan Estate Acquisition Act 1950) was a law passed by the newly formed democratic Government of East Bengal in the Dominion of Pakistan (present day Bangladesh). The bill was drafted on 31 March 1948 during the early years of Pakistan and passed on 16 May 1951. Before passage of the legislature, landed revenue laws of Bengal consisted of the Permanent Settlement Regulations of 1793 and the Bengal Tenancy Act of 1885.

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    December, 1951

    An Act to provide for the acquisition by the State of the interests of rent-receivers and certain other interests in land in Bangladesh and to define the law relating to tenancies to be held under the State after such acquisition and other matters connected therewith.

    It is notable that after independence from the British Colony in 1947, the government of Pakistan enacted the laws in line with the demand of Bangladesh peoples. As a result the regime of land lord has been destroyed by this act in Pakistan.  

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    National Policies
    Bangladesh, Asia, Southern Asia

    The National Environment Management Action Plan (NEMAP) is a national plan with a multi-sectoral approach. The Plan covers the period from 1995 to 2005. The document aims at: a) reducing the rate of environmental degradation, b) improving natural and manmade environment, c) preserving habitats and biodiversity, d) promoting sustainable development, and e) improving quality indicators of human life.Self-sufficiency in food will be attained in an environmentally sound manner.

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    Bangladesh, Asia, Southern Asia

    The aim of this Act, consisting of 6 Parts, is to define and identificate the following land characteristics, specifying: the determination of the extent of erosion along the banks of rivers or the extent of accretion, reformation or new formation due to fluvial action of any river, the better security of landed property and the prevention of encroachments and disputes, to provide for the survey of lands and for the establishment and maintenance of marks to distinguish land boundaries.

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