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    Conference Papers & Reports
    February, 1994

    This paper focuses on report of the workshop on grain marketing in transition Harare, Zimbabwe 11-17 October 1993. The purpose of the mission to Harare, Zimbabwe from 9-17 October 1993 was to service the Association of Food Marketing in Eastern and Southern African sub region workshop on "Grain Marketing in Transition".

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    January, 1995
    Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean

    By and large, it appears that the goals of agricultural reform are being met in Mexico. But measures such as decoupling income supports and price supports or reorienting research and extension could help farmers who cannot afford access to machinery and purchased inputs and services.Lopez, Nash, and Stanton report the results of a study of Mexican farm households using 1991 survey data and a smaller resurvey of some of the same households in 1993.One study goal was to empirically examine the relationship between assets and the output supply function.

  3. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 1994
    Nigeria, Africa, Western Africa

    Reports on completed and planned research to examine farmers' perceptions of different breeds, the discretion they exercise over breed composition, and the impacts of breed perceptions on breeding practices. ILCA has recently undertaken three household surveys that shed light on farmers' breed preferences and breeding practices. The survey results indicate that farmers' breed prortfolios are the outcome of dynamic processes that vary across farmers and environmental conditions.

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    Reports & Research
    December, 1994

    ABSTRACTED FROM IIED WEBSITE INTRODUCTION: One of the outputs of a research project considering shifting cultivation in Thailand, Lao PDR and Vietnam. It considers the dynamics of shifting cultivation and alternative land use systems in the context of highland development in Thailand, gathered in order to provide up-to-date information to policymakers. The study includes examination of national policies relating to highland areas and the impacts of such policies on local communities and land use patterns.

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