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    Agreements & Contracts
    December, 2018
    Africa, Eastern Africa, Ethiopia

    This draft model lease contract considers international best practices and recommendations, regarding the design of contract for farmland investments. In particular, the IISD Guide to Negotiating Investment Contract for Farmland and Water, were used as a reference while designing this current draft. Experience gained by BVVG Agriforest Privatization Agency regarding lease contact design is reflected in the draft model contact. 

  2. Library Resource
    Agreements & Contracts
    December, 2018
    Africa, Eastern Africa, Ethiopia

    This draft model contract was developed on the basis of the drafts “Proclamation to Provide for Agricultural Production and Marketing Contracts in Ethiopia” later modified and renamed as “Proclamation to Provide for the Establishment of the Central and Regional Contract Farming Coordinating bodies and Regulation of Contract Farming Contract Formulation” as well as international best practices.

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    National Policies
    January, 2005

    The programmme is a result of issues and concerns expresses by Malawians on food security, water and sanitation renewable energy, forest product and services, environment and indigenous knowledge.

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    National Policies
    October, 1995

    The National Agricultural Policy of Namibia is a multi-sectoral policy with the following objectives: achieve growth rates and stability in farm income, agricultural productivity and production levels that are higher than the population growth rate; ensure food security and improve nutritional status; create and sustain viable livelihood and employment opportunities in rural areas; improve the profitability of agriculture and increase investment in agriculture; contribute towards the improvement of the balance of payments; expand vertical integration and domestic value-added for agricultura

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    Legislation & Policies
    May, 2016
    South Africa

    The Committee met to deal with the two proposed amendments that had been made by the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) on the Expropriation Bill [B4B-2015]. The first amendment aimed to increase the number of days in which the municipal manager must inform the expropriating authority, in writing, of charges from 20 days to 30 days, if land which had been expropriated is subject to municipal rates.

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    Legislation & Policies
    February, 2015
    South Africa

    The turnaround strategy for the Recapitalisation and Development Programme (RADP) was presented against the backdrop of the Committee’s public hearings on 4 and 5 February 2015 on the implementation of the programme. The evaluation process conducted by the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) indicated that even though RADP had made some progress towards achieving its intended objectives, there was room for significant improvement.

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    Legislation & Policies
    March, 2015
    South Africa

    The Committee was briefed by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) on its Annual Performance Plan for 2015/16, with the Minister and Deputy Minister in attendance. Due to the complexity of the agrarian transformation space, the DRDLR had developed a rural economy transformation model which would be implemented through the Agrarian Transformation System.

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    Legislation & Policies
    October, 2015
    South Africa

    The Deputy Minister of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR), addressed the Committee on the motivation for the amendments to the Extension of security of tenure (land) Amendment Bill, saying the fundamental resolve was to overcome decades of hardship in South Africa. Its redress was not about obsolete political stories, but about the creation of just opportunities.

  9. Library Resource
    Vietnam, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    Agricultural land is allocated to specified subjects whose main source of income is agriculture, aquaculture of the winning of salt. Article 2 defines "agricultural land". Land shall be allocated for 20 years if used for planting of "annual trees" or aquaculture and 50 years if used for planting of "perennial trees". Article 5 specifies how much land can be allocated, depending on where the land is situated. Article 15 concerns the management of public land.

  10. Library Resource
    Ethiopia, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This Proclamation aims at improving management and utilization of land and land resources for agricultural purposes in the Southern Nations, Nationalities And Peoples' Regional State. It applies to all land that lies outside of municipal borders. The Proclamation defines the right to acquire, free of charge, rural land by peasants, pastoralists and semi-pastoralists engaged in agriculture and the equal rights of women with respect to land and provides for the protection of such rights.

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