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    Women's Land Tenure Framework: Inheritance cover image
    Reports & Research
    January, 2016

    The Landesa Center for Women’s Land Rights developed the Women’s Land Tenure Framework to assist anyone who is interested in understanding the complex issues associated with women’s land rights — officials, grassroots organizations, international technical advisers, policymakers, development practitioners, women’s rights advocates, land rights advocates, people who are developing programs to assist women farmers, people who are concerned with food security, and others.

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    The Kosovo-Ibër River Basin and Ibër Lepenc Water System

    Reports & Research
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    March, 2012
    Kosovo, Europe, Central Asia

    Kosovo is a small and young state that gained an interim United Nations (UN)-administered status in the wake of the Dayton peace accord only in 1999; it declared independence in 2008. Compared to neighboring countries, it is still lacking in its basic infrastructure and its administrative and technical skills. In addition, with the onset of the War in Yugoslavia in 1992 most investment and normal maintenance came to a standstill.

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    Building a common vision for sustainable food and agriculture cover image

    Principles & Approaches

    Manuals & Guidelines
    December, 2014

    Over the coming 35 years, agriculture will face an unprecedented confluence of pressures, including a 30 percent increase in the global population, intensifying competition for increasingly scarce land, water and energy resources, and the existential threat of climate change. To provide for a population projected to reach 9.3 billion in 2050 and support changing dietary patterns, estimates are that food production will need to increase from the current 8.4 billion tonnes to almost 13.5 billion tonnes a year.

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    Empowering women to achieve food security cover image
    Policy Papers & Briefs
    August, 2001

    Women play important roles as producers of food, managers of natural resources, income earners, and caretakers of household food and nutrition security. Giving women the same access to physical and human resources as men could increase agricultural productivity, just as increases in women’s education and improvements in women’s status over the past quarter century have contributed to more than half of the reduction in the rate of child malnutrition.

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    June, 2013

    This report provides recommendations on
    how to better manage ongoing changes in livestock
    development. First, it presents an overview of the main
    trends that can be expected to drive the sector over the
    next decades. Second it discusses the negative or positive
    social, environmental, and health repercussions of those
    trends, and the institutional, policy, and technical
    requirements needed to manage them. It concludes with a

  6. Library Resource
    July, 2014

    At the request of the World Bank's
    Executive Board, the Bank's Operations Evaluation
    Department (OED) has been conducting an evaluation of the
    Bank's involvement in global programs. The Phase 1
    Report titled The World Bank's Approach to Global
    Programs focused on the strategic and programmatic
    management of the Bank's global portfolio of 70
    programs in five Bank Networks (a cluster of closely related

  7. Library Resource
    June, 2012
    Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Global

    This study assesses the development
    effectiveness of World Bank assistance in addressing
    constraints to agricultural development in Africa over the
    period of fiscal years 1991-2006. This Independent
    Evaluation Group (IEG) review of World Bank assistance to
    agriculture in Africa has a twofold purpose. First, it is a
    pilot for the proposed IEG study on Bank-wide assistance in
    agriculture scheduled for fiscal year 2009. Second, the

  8. Library Resource
    June, 2012

    Poverty in Kosovo is widespread and has
    remained persistent in the first half of this decade. The
    evidence suggests that poverty is higher among those who
    live in families that are large, have many unemployed
    members, and have low education levels. The poor are also
    geographically concentrated in rural areas and a few
    regions. The main message of this report is that the slow
    and volatile growth was doubly disadvantageous. The first

  9. Library Resource
    March, 2012

    The World Bank group, among the
    world's largest development institutions, is a major
    source of financial and technical assistance to developing
    countries around the world. In fiscal 2009, the World Bank
    group sponsored 767 projects with a total commitment of
    $58.8 billion, distributed in credits, loans, grants, and
    guarantees. This fiscal year's funding marks a 54
    percent increase over the previous fiscal year and a record

  10. Library Resource
    March, 2012

    The amount of available water has been
    constant for millennia, but over time the planet has added 6
    billion people. Water is essential to human life and
    enterprise, and the increasing strains on available water
    resources threaten the mission of institutions dedicated to
    economic development. The ultimate goal is to achieve a
    sustainable balance between the resources available and the
    societal requirement for water. In this evaluation the

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