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    June, 2012

    This study examines the constraints on
    the housing sector in Afghanistan. It evaluates government
    policy on housing, looks at the state of housing finance,
    and examines legal and regulatory barriers with a bearing on
    the housing market. The report provides policy
    recommendations aimed at helping to develop a private-sector
    led housing market. To assist in formulating policies and
    implementing actions, the study recommends forming a housing

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    September, 2014

    Climate change presents significant
    threats to sustainable poverty reduction in Tajikistan. The
    primary impacts on rural livelihoods are expected to stem
    from reduced water quantity and quality (affecting
    agriculture), and increased frequency and severity of
    disasters. Options for farming households to autonomously
    adapt (and thereby move from climate vulnerability to
    resilience) include adoption of on-farm and off-farm

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    January, 2015

    This paper uses farm panel data from
    China to examine the dynamics of land transactions, machine
    investments, and the demand for machine services. Recently,
    China's agriculture has experienced a large expansion
    of machine rentals and machine services provided by
    specialized agents, which has contributed to mechanization
    of agricultural production. The empirical results show that
    an increase in nonagricultural wage rates leads to expansion

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    March, 2013

    The aim of this discussion paper is to
    ascertain the government of Lao's (GoL) current
    practices in negotiating, awarding, and managing land
    concessions; enhance GoL understanding and commitments to
    develop national capacities targeting improved land
    management, that will generate revenues for GoL, and ensure
    sustainable development as an urgent priority; and provide a
    basis for dialogue within the government to enable its

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    April, 2014

    The authors examine the impact of land
    reform in Vietnam which gives households the power to
    exchange, transfer, lease, inherit, and mortgage their
    land-use rights. The authors expect this change to increase
    the incentives as well as the ability to undertake long-term
    investments on the part of households. Their
    difference-in-differences estimation strategy takes
    advantage of the variation across provinces in the issuance

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    Reports & Research
    May, 2012

    The policy reforms called for in the
    transition from a socialist command economy to a developing
    market economy bring both opportunities and risks to a
    country's citizens. In poor economies, the initial
    focus of reform efforts is naturally the rural sector, which
    is where one finds the bulk of the population and almost all
    the poor. Economic development will typically entail moving
    many rural households out of farming into more remunerative

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    December, 2014

    Evidence is mounting that secure
    property rights have positive effects for poor people in
    general and women in particular. The aim of this report is
    to review what is known about women s access to and control
    over land and real property in urban settings, identifying
    approaches to strengthening property rights that enhance
    women s agency, and sharing key lessons. Section two
    synthesizes the evidence on urban women s priorities with

  8. Library Resource

    A World Bank Policy Research Report

    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 2003

    Land policies are of fundamental importance to sustainable growth, good governance, and the well-being of, and the economic opportunities open to, both rural and urban dwellers - particularly the poor. To this end, research on land policy, and analysis of interventions related to the subject, have long been of interest to the Bank's Research Department, and other academic, and civil society institutions.

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