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    March, 2013

    Reducing poverty continues to be one of
    the main priorities of the Government of Albania. Currently,
    Albania has an ample platform to provide social protection
    to its citizens through social insurance, social assistance
    and employment programs. However, these programs are not
    efficiently linked to each other, which can lead to unclear
    and occasionally overlapping roles among the programs. Among
    these social protection programs, Ndihma Ekonomike (NE) is

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    March, 2012

    This paper provides an overview of the
    literature on tax morale and tax compliance. Most of the
    material here is based on research that I have conducted
    together with my co-authors over the last 10 years. Europe
    has a dominant place in this paper. Sometimes results
    derived from other countries are discussed that could be
    relevant for Europe. The overall findings show the
    importance of accountability, democratic governance,

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    May, 2012
    Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Moldova

    This paper presents such a stocktaking
    of land reform and farm restructuring in four countries
    (Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, and Moldova) that have
    had particular difficulties with land reform, farm
    restructuring, farm performance, or rural poverty. It is
    organized by case studies, each of which is designed to
    analyze a central conundrum about land reform and farm
    restructuring in an individual country. Much of the

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    April, 2012

    Albania's radical farmland
    distribution is credited with averting an economic crisis
    and social unrest during the transition. But many believe it
    led to a holding structure too fragmented to be efficient,
    and that public efforts to consolidate plots are needed to
    lay the foundation for greater rural productivity. This
    paper uses farm-level data from the 2005 Albania Living
    Standards Measurement Survey to explore this quantitatively.

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