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    Reports & Research
    December, 2003

    Land policies are of fundamental importance to sustainable growth, good governance, and the well-being of, and the economic opportunities open to, both rural and urban dwellers - particularly the poor. To this end, research on land policy, and analysis of interventions related to the subject, have long been of interest to the Bank's Research Department, and other academic, and civil society institutions.

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    January, 2013
    Albania, Global

    Despite several attempts at reform,
    immovable property rights in Albania are not adequately
    secure and represent an important governance challenge.
    Problems have resulted from incomplete first title
    registration, the lack of accurate cadastral records, and,
    in many cases, the absence of reliable evidence of
    ownership. Although Albania has adopted legislation calling
    for restitution or compensation for owners whose property

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    November, 2014
    Brazil, Global

    This country program evaluation (CPE)
    evaluates World Bank Group (International Bank for
    Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), or the Bank,
    International Finance Corporation (IFC), and Multilateral
    Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) operations in Brazil from
    FY2004 through FY2011. It seeks to answer two questions: to
    what extent was the Bank Group program relevant to
    Brazil's development needs?, and how effective were

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    March, 2013

    Land policy, administration and
    management are areas of strong client demand for technical
    advice and operational support. This review sought to help
    the Bank better position itself to present coherent advice
    on policy, institutional arrangements and practice. The
    potential implications are a lowering of reputational risk
    to the Bank; greater efficiency in the process including
    joint data gathering; and building of greater momentum and

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    August, 2012

    There is enough land in the Amazon
    region to satisfy Brazilian society's demands for
    economic development, environmental management of a resource
    base of global importance and the challenges of agrarian
    reform. Yet Brazil has been unable to create a fully
    coherent and manageable land policy and administration
    system for the region which permits sustainable development
    goals to be achieved while reconciling special interests and

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    June, 2014

    Successive policies of the Government of
    Vietnam for economic reform and modernization have helped
    Vietnam to emerge as one of the world's fastest growing
    economies. The report provides continued recommendations on
    improving land policies to ensure efficiency of their
    practical implementation and to target at both economic
    development and social sustainability. Policies with regard
    to voluntary benefits sharing, promoting the participation

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