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    May, 2009

    This Decree, consisting of 53 articles divided into eight Parts, regulates State Land Lease or Concession. It determines the principles, procedures, and measures regarding granting of state land for lease or concession with the aim to ensure the uniform management and use throughout the country, to boost the development of state land, to turn land into capital, to promote the investment for cash crop production and for services, and to build income for the state budget.

  2. Library Resource
    Vanuatu, Oceania

    This Order made under section 111 of the Land Leases Act require a lessor to refund lease registration fees in certain circumstances and provides for calculation for purposes of refund of fees. A lessor must refund the registration fee to the lessee if: (a) the lessees unexpired lease is surrendered under the Land Leases Act and is replaced by a new lease for a term of 75 years; and (b) the new lease is registered over the same land as the unexpired surrendered lease for the purpose of a strata plan under the Strata Titles Act.

    Implements: Land Leases Act (Cap. 163). (1988)

  3. Library Resource
    Guernsey, Europe, Northern Europe

    These Regulations prescribe forms for the purposes of the Compulsory Acquisition of Land (Guernsey) Law, 1949. The forms sets out in the Schedule are forms of: a Draft Compulsory Purchase Order; a Drafi Temporary Possession Order; a Draft Control of Use Order; a Draft Variation Order; a Notice to a qualifying person; other notices made under the Law.

    Implements: Compulsory Acquisition of Land (Guernsey) Law, 1949. (2011)

  4. Library Resource
    Australia, Oceania

    These Regulations, consisting of 11 sections, regulates administrative and legal proceedings related to the consolidation of the law on the simplification of the title to and the dealing with estates in land. The Regulations establish that every plan shall be accompanied by a digital electronic record of that plan in a format specified by the Inspector of Plans and Surveys.

  5. Library Resource
    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    The present Regulations enact section 29 of the Oil and Gas Act. In particular, the Regulations lay down provisions relating to oil and gas issues. For the purpose of the Regulations, “lease” means an oil and gas lease issued under Part 2 of the Act. The text consists of 65 sections divided into 5 Parts as follows: Dispositions generally (1); Oil and gas permits and leases (2); Registration of transfers and statutory notices (3); Oil and gas rights compensation (4); Commencement (5). One Schedule is enclosed.

    Implements: Oil and Gas Act (R.S.Y. 2002, c. 162). (2016)

  6. Library Resource

    نظام رقم (7) لبيع وتأجير الأراضي في منطقة العقبة الاقتصادية الخاصة

    Jordan, Western Asia

    This Regulation is composed of 19 articles. Articles 1 and 2 deal with terms and definitions. Selling or leasing lands in the Aqaba EEZ shall be subject to the zoning of lands and buildings approved by the Board of Commissioners (art. 4). The Board may sell or allocate any of the Authority’s Lands to Governmental Bodies and worship homes (art. 5). Whoever purchases a land from the Authority in order to carry out a project thereon, shall be obliged to complete it within the period fixed by the Authority and not later than 9 years (art. 8).

  7. Library Resource
    Russia, Uzbekistan, Asia, Central Asia

    The procedure for the implementation of the state registration of rights of possession, use, lease and ownership to the land plots, as well as servitudes and other restrictions of these rights, are stated in the present Directions. The present Directions are designed for Goskomsev land resources services of districts, as well as for Uzgeodescadastre state real estate cadastral services of districts and towns which are commissioned to implement the official registration of the rights to the land plots.

  8. Library Resource
    Vietnam, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    This Decision of the Minister of Finance provides for issuing the Regulation on rents applicable to foreign investors who rent land, or water expanses or sea areas in order to conduct their operations (agricultural, infrastructure etc. etc.) Rent Coefficients shall be calculated for urban, non urban land, water( meaning river and lakes) and sea on specific parameters.

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