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    National Policies
    January, 2013

    The primary objective of the National Land Use Plan (NLUP) is to provide a strategic framework to guide land development in Guyana. As such the NLUP is built upon a number of national policies and strategies that have a direct relevance for land use and land management. A main objective of the NLUP is to enable financial resources to be targeted at optimal land uses at the regional level.The NLUP aims to suggest a number of options for particular areas that can then guide decision-makers and attract inward investment.

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    An Act to provide better security of tenure for tenant rice farmers; to limit the rent payable for letting of rice lands; and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid.

    Guyana, Americas, South America

    This Act provides for a further regulation of land tenure contracts between rice farmers and landlords in order to strengthen the position of the former. The Minister may establish committees which shall perform several duties in relation with the assessment of rents and the observance of conditions of contracts of tenancy in a specified area (sects. 8 to 26). The Minister may make regulations to implement provisions of this Act (sect. 55). (59 sections and 5 Schedules)

    Implemented by: Rice farmers (Security of Tenure) Regulations. (1973)

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    Guyana, Americas, South America

    These Regulations implement provisions of the Rice Farmers (Security of Tenure) Act. They regulate the procedures of application for the ascertainment of maximum rent with an Assessment Committee under section 12 of the Act. (5 regulations and 4 Forms)

    Implements: Rice Farmers (Security of Tenure) Act (Cap. 69:02). (1996)

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    Legislation & Policies
    August, 1919
    Americas, South America, Guyana

    " Special terms and conditions on which State lands in Guyana can be obtained for the cultivation on a large scale of rubber, limes and other citrus fruit, cacao, coffee, fibres, coconuts, and other permanent agricultural products under the State Lands Act". Implements: State Lands Act 1903 (Cap. 62:01). (1953)

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    Guyana, Americas, South America

    The Regulations provide in detail for Grants, licences and permissions (application, renewal, transfer, reversion) (Part I), Surveys (II), Sale of preferential claims in case of plurality of applications (III), Grants to small cultivators (IV), Leases (for agricultural and grazing purposes) (V), Permissions for grazing areas on the pasture lands of the interior (VI), Licences of Occupancy (VII), Licences to cut wood (VIII), Licences to collect balata, gums etc. (IX), Licences for quarrying stone, gravel, kaolin and other clays (X), Miscellaneous provisions (XI).

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