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    Jamaica, Americas, Caribbean

    These Regulations define and list "prescribed trees" and "economic trees" for purposes of the Agricultural Small Holdings Act. For the purposes of section 8 of the Act, the areas specified in the Second Schedule shall be the areas in respect of which a landlord may reserve, in a rice tenancy contract, the exclusive right to graze cattle upon the holding for the period between the reaping of one crop of rice and the preparation of the land for planting the next crop.

    Implements: Agricultural Small Holdings Act. (1997)

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    The present Regulation implements the Crown Lands Act (Chapter C340). Section 2 establishes that no person shall graze livestock on Crown land except under the authority of: a) a lease under the Agricultural Crown Land Leases Regulation or b) a permit issued by the director under this Regulation. The text consists of 4 Parts divided into 20 sections as follows: Definitions (I); Grazing permits (II); Hay permits (III); Repeal (IV).

    Implements: Crown Lands Act (C.C.S.M. c. C340). (2015)

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    An Act of Parliament to make provision for Trust land.

    January, 1938
    Africa, Eastern Africa, Kenya

    This Act makes provision for the administration of Trust land as defined by section 114 of the Constitution of Kenya, the setting apart of an area of Trust land for use and occupation for specified purposes, the use of Trust land and for other related purposes.

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    Mongolia, Eastern Asia, Asia

    The Law consists of 7 Chapters composed of 67 articles dealing with the following matters: 1) general provisions (chapt. 1, arts. 1-8); 2) the unified land territory and its basic classification (chapt. 2, arts. 9-16); 3) the authority of the government bodies and local self-governing organizations regarding land issues (chapt. 3, arts. 17 – 23); 4) land management, land register and the unified land territory report (chapt. 4, arts. 24-26); 5) concession of land in ownership and lease (chapt. 5, arts. 27-51); 6) efficient and rational use of land and land protection (chapt. 6, arts.

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    Georgia, Asia, Western Asia

    Provisions of this Act apply also to forests and certain inland waters exploited for agricultural purposes, certain buildings and other objects listed in article 2. Agricultural lands are arable lands, natural meadowlands and pastures. The basis of lease is an agreement between lessor and lessee. This Agreement defines issues specified in article 4, such as terms of returning lease object at the expiration of a term of lease; terms for exploitation and cure of leased objects.

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