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    Jamaica, Americas, Caribbean

    This Order amends the Lands Clauses Act in section 98 so as to amend the monetary jurisdictional level of Resident Magistrates Courts. Section 98 allows the jurisdiction given by this Act to the Supreme Court and to a Judge thereof in respect of money paid into the Treasury under this Act, to be exercised by any Resident Magistrate’s Court if such money does not exceed a specified amount.

    Amends: Lands Clauses Act. (1997)

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    Jamaica, Americas, Caribbean

    This Act establishes the Real Estate Board and provides rules for the registration and operation of real estate dealers, real estate salesmen and real estate developers. It also provides for certain matters regarding development schemes and for inspection by real estate inspectors. Engaging in real estate business for purposes of this Act includes lease of land and the management of land. The functions of the Board shall be to regulate and control the practice of real estate business, the disposition of land in development schemes and the operation of such schemes.

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    Jamaica, Americas, Caribbean

    These Regulations prescribe that, for the purposes of subsection (2) of section 7 of the Agricultural Small Holdings Act, the provisions of subsection (1) of that section shall not apply to any contract of tenancy of not less than five years, allowing the landlord to receive as consideration for such contract not more than of one-third of any crop of bananas grown upon the land to which such contract relates. Section 7 of the Act places restrictions on crop-sharing in relation to tenancies.

    Implements: Agricultural Small Holdings Act. (1997)

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