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  1. Library Resource
    February, 2010

    Integrated Diversified Organic Farming System (IDOFS)

  2. Library Resource
    October, 2011

    A short video about climate change impacts and responses among small coconut farmers in the Philppines

  3. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    September, 2009

    There is a need to distinguish between small-scale, subsistence family-based farming, small to medium scale businesses in the agriculture sector that is the predominant mode in the global south on one hand and; the operations of agribusiness (whether a large local corporation or transnational corporation) found in the agricultural sector of many countries that are typically large in size and capital on the other.

  4. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    September, 2013
    Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Thailand

    The agri food system across the globe is fast restructuring. While smallholder farmers remain to be a major stakeholder, situation changes from where “the farm producing what the household consumes and consumes what the farm produce” to “the farm sourcing inputs outside the farms and producing beyond the farm for other households/communities/cities as well”.

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