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    January, 2012

    The Kyrgyz Republic represents land governance issues arising in a posttransition economy; in fact, it was one of the first countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States to introduce private land ownership when it became independent in 1991.

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    November, 2017

    Fifteen in a series of annual reports comparing business regulation in 190 economies, Doing Business 2018 measures aspects of regulation affecting 10 areas of everyday business activity:

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    An Assessment of the Evidence

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    December, 2011

    This report seizes the opportunity to learn from existing evidence by analyzing lessons derived from impact evaluations produced between 2000 and January 2009 to begin to discern what has been effective in agriculture. It is part of a broader effort being undertaken by the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) of the World Bank to understand how impact evaluations can help improve performance and broadly disseminate those lessons.

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    A Global Overview

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    August, 2017

    Despite the spread of automation and new supply chain management paradigms, logistics remains dependent on a rather specific set of skills and competencies, whether for managerial, administrative, or blue-collar jobs, such as trucking or warehousing. This dependence implies that the logistical performance of businesses, industries, and nation states is strongly influenced by the quantity and quality of the workforce.

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    Are Local Communities Better Off?

    Reports & Research
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    February, 2017

    This study focuses on the local and regional impact of large-scale gold mining in Africa in the context of a mineral boom in the region since 2000. It contributes to filling a gap in the literature on the welfare effects of mineral resources, which, until now, has concentrated more on the national or macroeconomic impacts. Economists have long been intrigued by the paradox that a rich endowment of natural resources may retard economic performance, particularly in the case of mineral-exporting developing countries.

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    Making Cities Work for Central America

    Reports & Research
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    March, 2017
    Central America, Latin America and the Caribbean

    Central America is undergoing an important transition. Urban populations are increasing at accelerated speeds, bringing pressing challenges for development, as well as opportunities to boost sustained, inclusive and resilient growth. Today, 59 percent of the region’s population lives in urban areas, but it is expected that 7 out of 10 people will live in cities within the next generation.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    August, 2016

    Full citation: Goldstein, Markus; Houngbedji, Kenneth; Kondylis, Florence; O'Sullivan, Michael; Selod, Harris. 2016. Securing Property Rights for Women and Men in Rural Benin. Gender Innovation Lab Policy Brief; No. 14. World Bank, Washington, DC. 

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    Opening Doors to the World

    Reports & Research
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    February, 2017

    Cities in Sub-Saharan Africa are experiencing rapid population growth. Yet their economic growth has not kept pace. Why? One factor might be low capital investment, due in part to Africa’s relative poverty: Other regions have reached similar stages of urbanization at higher per capita GDP. This study, however, identifies a deeper reason: African cities are closed to the world.

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