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    December, 2013

    The farming system at landscapes preserving and restoring soil fertility of agricultural lands have been developed. Typification of lands was made and the types of agricultural landscapes were allocated: plain, hollow-gully, and gully-field. The analysis of the current structure of arable areas was made and resulted in the assessment of structure's influence on the state of soil fertility. The main degradation processes reducing the fertility of south chernozems were studied. There were proposed the ways of creating the sustainable artificial agricultural landscapes.

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    November, 2016

    Целью исследования является анализ использования кормовых угодий на территории Нижневартовского района ХМАО-Югры. Задача данного исследования - изучить особенности использования сенокосных угодий и оленьих пастбищ на данной территории. Поймы рек Оби, Ваха и Большого Ёгана обладают наиболее благоприятными условиями для создания кормовой базы, которые представляют собой заливные луга с высокой продуктивностью.

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    October, 2016

    In the conditions of new trends of economic development, aimed at replacing the administrative methods of management by mechanisms and principles of market economy, formation of land use of agricultural organizations is an important issue of theory and practice of land resources management. The subject of this research is the formation of land use of agricultural organizations. The object of research is the collection of land uses of agricultural organizations.

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    June, 2016

    Analysis of organizing, amount of work and financing of reclamation activities is presented during State Program for conservation and use of reclaimed lands for 2011-2015. Specific indexes of spending of major activities by types of reclamation are found for 2011-2015, some changes in reclamation process are proposed as well.

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    August, 2017

    Изменения экономических условий в стране привели к негативным процессам в сельском хозяйстве и особенно в мелиоративно-водохозяйственном комплексе. Это проявляется в резком снижении продуктивности используемых земель и их полной деградации. Устойчивое развитие сельского хозяйства предполагает совершенствование системы природно-мелиоративного мониторинга, которое должно быть направлено на сохранение и восстановление почвенных ресурсов.

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    March, 2015

    In a course of the research there was studied identification of problems and directions of improvement of agrarian land use. The research was realized in the conditions of the Republic of Belarus. The possibility of practical application of results of estimation of production potential of agricultural organizations and ecological state of territory for economically-functional zoning of agricultural lands was examined.

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