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    February, 2017

    This Decree sets forth principles and procedures of provision of planting materials, equipment and all mechanical and chemical means necessary for cultivation to the community, municipalities and civil society organizations on a complimentary basis. This Decree sets forth provisions on cadastral information, sustainable use, planting materials, protection of environment, land-use planning, soil conservation, pollution control and sanctions.

    Implements: Law No. 957-IVQ on conservation of greens. (2014-05-02)

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    March, 2017

    This Decree aims at compliance with sanitary and phytosanitary regulations, protection of plant species, efficient use of green areas and prevention of soil degradation. It sets forth principles and procedures of restoration, expansion, creation and improvement of green areas. The Decree shall not apply to green areas in forest lands, private lands, protected areas and in agricultural land.

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    Azerbaijan, Western Asia, Asia

    The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and the Producer Association shall carry out state control in conformity with the Forest Code.

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