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    April, 2009

    This Regulation determines the detailed way of exercising the right to obtain tax relief/tax benefit/tax exemption for taxpayers who perform activities in what is defined as hilly and/or mountainous area (on the territory of the Republic of Croatia).This Regulation closely defines the total amount of tax relief that can be assigned to a single taxpayer; application process for tax relief (forms, administration issues and rules); and related penalties.The Annex is an integral part of this Regulation.

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    February, 2009

    This Regulation changes certain articles part of the provisions prescribed by the Regulation on parceling and other geodetic elaborate (Official Gazette 86/2007).Changes are related to the prescribed subdivision studies which divides or combines agricultural land owned by the Croatian government and the approval of the Agricultural Land Agency in accordance with special Regulations; primary studies and data collection standards; and geodetic studies for the purpose of registration of agricultural land.

    Amends: Regulation on parceling and other geodetic elaborate. (2007-08-09)

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