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    August, 2016

    The Minister validates the methods of land rehabilitation of landscapes damaged as a result of subsoil management due to mining and extraction of minerals. It shall not be applicable to deep quarries subject to issuance of special permits for operation thereof. Land rehabilitation procedure must be performed by land owners and land tenants that have extracted common minerals on surface or near surface for their own individual needs.

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    June, 2017

    Article 13 shall be amended to add the following wording: “Article 13. Flora and fauna management companies. 1. Firms handling green spaces and plantations must have specialists who, in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 12 (1) of this Law, would be entitled to carry out planting, growing trees and shrub pruning, protecting against diseases and pests plantations, lawns and flower beds. 2. State-owned car parks are protected and maintained by state road maintenance companies. 3.

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    June, 2007

    The purpose of this Law shall be to establish the bases for the protection of the greenery and green spaces located outside the forestry land of the Republic of Lithuania, for the development of green areas and the legal regulation of planting of greenery, in order to ensure the stability of the natural and cultural landscape, and the right of the inhabitants to improve the environmental conditions that improve their quality of life. This Law does not apply to grassy vegetation that grows outside green areas.

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    June, 2001

    This Law establishes the procedure for the fulfilment of geodetic and cartographic works, the purpose of the Lithuanian spatial information infrastructure, the state georeferenced spatial data sets, the purpose of the georeference cadastre, the principles of its establishment and management, the ownership rights of geodetic and cartographic production. It is related to geodetic and cartographic works, fundamental rights and duties in geodesy and cartography.

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    July, 2017

    Article 6 establishes that geodetic and cartographic products created by municipalities for the state shall be owned by the state, while geodetic and cartographic work created by municipalities for its own use shall be owned by municipalities. Article 9 establishes the competence of ministries and state institutions in the sphere of geodetic and cartographic activities.

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