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    October, 1946

    This Regulation is enacted according tothe Land Act.The acquisition, creation, transfer, change, or nullification of the land rights as prescribed in Article 4, shall be duly registered. The registration agency shall not cancel any land right that has been duly registered according to the Regulation without a valid court decree for cancellation, unless otherwise provided by the Regulation.

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    March, 1946

    The Central Housing and Planning Authority is charged with carrying out of functions under this Act in accordance with section 3. The Authority shall issue rules relative to the preparation and the adoption of town planning schemes, country schemes and supplementary schemes. The Authority may adopt schemes for the whole country, schemes for specified land, schemes proposed by land owners, or schemes proposed by local authorities (sect. 5). These Schemes must be approved by the Governor in Council under section 6. Local authorities affected by a scheme shall be consulted under section 9.

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    January, 1947
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    This Act sets forth procedures and principles of acquiring any land by the Government for public purposes and abandonment of acquisition. The acquisition of lands for public purposes shall only be made by the declaration of the Governor General. In addition, the Governor General may authorize officers for a preliminary survey or other investigation of the land, for the purchase of the land without waiting for formal procedures, for setting and marking the borders of the acquired land, for negotiating with the land owners, and for gathering information.

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    December, 1946

    The Emperor promulgated the constitution following its approval by the Imperial Diet.

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