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    July, 1980

    This Act makes provisions for the alienation of private (custom) land and the use of public land by custom users, the development of public land and various other matters relative to land titles, use and management.The Act consists of 24 sections divided into 13 Parts: Interpretation (1); Encumbrances (2); Alienated Land (3); Negotiations and Agreements Relating to Custom Land (4); Management of Land (5); Public Land (6); Compensation (6a); Registered Leases (7); Rights of Entry (8); Land Corporations (9); Roads (10); Use of Force and Damage (11); Regulations and Offences (12).The Minister

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    May, 1980

    The present Regulation enforces the Law on Assignment and Reclamation of Lands in the Islamic Republic of Iran’. In particular, all lands in possession of the government and natural resources land is transferable except for grasslands, forests, national parks and lands of nomad’s migration. The Committee may transfer the lands which are abandoned for five years without any reasonable justification.

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    May, 1980
    Syrian Arab Republic

    This Law consisting of 6 articles specifies how many hectares of land it is possible to own, divided by land types as follows (i) irrigated land; (ii) rain-fed areas with fruit trees; and (iii) rain-fed land. The Law also considers cases in which the indicated limit can be exceeded.

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    January, 1981
    United Kingdom

    This Act provides generally with respect to compulsory purchase procedure in the United Kingdom. In particular the Act deals with the rights of appeal, and the consequent procedures. The Act applies in all compulsory purchase cases.

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