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    July, 1994

    The present Ordinance enforces the Building Law of 12 June 1994. Article 1 establishes that the competent Department shall prepare the cantonal structural plan in cooperation with the cantonal offices. The Department shall ensure the participation of municipalities and shall consult federal authorities and neighbouring cantons. Other interested parties shall also be heard. The text consists of 41 articles divided into 4 Parts as follows: Planning proceedings (I); Building permit proceedings (II); Legal protection (IIII); Transitional and final provisions (IV).

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1994
    Malaysia, Malawi, Italy

    This issue of Unasylva examines a number of facets of forestry research, emphasizing needs for and efforts made towards strengthening national capability in the developing countries.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1994
    Mozambique, Poland, Slovakia, United States of America, Hungary, Mexico, Italy

    The forestry and forest industries sectors have been borne on the tide of this wider reform. This issue of Unasylva offers an analysis of experiences with regard to forestry in transitional economies, with the aim of facilitating an understanding of the important issues involved in the process.

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