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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1996
    France, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Germany, China, Italy, Tonga, Peru, Argentina, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Georgia, Canada

    The late 20th century has witnessed increasing crises in the world's marine fisheries. A causal analysis of these reveals that a common element are various manifestations of spatial inequity. This most frequently includes the inequity of access rights to the resource, but factors such as variations in resource depletion, spatio-temporal variations in stock recruitment, the imposition of regulatory zoning, destruction of marine ecosystems and the siting of mariculture facilities are other examples. To resolve some of these problems, management practices must be improved.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1996
    France, Estonia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Croatia, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Ukraine, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Greece, Belarus, Finland, United States of America, Japan, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Netherlands, Ireland, Czech Republic, Romania, Norway, Austria, Europe, Asia

    This report reviews the outlook for the supply and demand of roundwood and forest products, and the balance between the two until 2020, while taking into account recycling, energy and trade issues. It covers the forest and forest products sector, including the forest itself, as well as production, trade and consumption of forest products and wood for energy

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    Reports & Research
    December, 1996
    Algeria, Qatar, Egypt, Iran, Mauritania, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Malta, Pakistan, Jordan, Cyprus, Libya, Somalia, Oman, Syrian Arab Republic, Kuwait, Tunisia, Sudan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon

    This paper outlines FAO's past and present activities on combating desertification, with particular emphasis on the Near East Region, in an attempt to mobilise all the potential efforts towards the establishment of an adequate strategy to enable this particular part of the world to build efficient regional and national programmes to combat resource degradation, restore land productivity and achieve food security.

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    December, 1996

    The basic law was promulgated by the Sultan.

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