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    December, 1996

    This Act, as referred to in Clause (1) of art. 244 of the Constitution, amends part IX of the Constitution, related to Panchayats Extension to the Scheduled Areas. Part IX of the Constitution relating to Panchayats is extended to the Scheduled Areas subject to such exceptions and modifications, as provided in section 4.

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    January, 1997

    The relations in the sphere of the rights to use pastures on the territory of the Kyrghyz Republic shall be regulated by this Law, the Forest, Water and Land Codes, laws on lease and lease relations, protection of the nature, flora and fauna, atmospheric air and other legislation of the Kyrghyz Republic. The subjects for the utilization of pastures shall be juridical and natural persons. The objects shall be certain areas of pastures. The pasture areas shall have locations and boundaries both on the map and on the ground.

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    January, 1997

    This Act amends Clauses 77 (concerning elections) and 113 (regarding right to allotments) of the Constitution of Tonga.

    Amends: Act of Constitution of Tonga. (1875-11-01)

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    October, 1996

    Por medio de esta Ley la República Argentina aprueba y ratifica la Convención de las Naciones Unidas de Lucha contra la Desertificación en los Países Afectados por Sequía Grave o Desertificación, en particular en Africa, adoptada en París el 17 de junio de 1994. El texto de la Convención se adjunta a la Ley.

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    August, 1996

    Cette loi fixe le cadre juridique général et les principes fondamentaux de la gestion de l'environnement au Cameroun. Les principes fondamentaux sont ceux de prévention, de précaution, le principe pollueur-payeur et celui de responsabilité, le principe de participation et celui de subsidiarité des normes coutumières en absence d'une règle de droit écrit. Les ressources naturelles et d'une manière générale l'environnement font partie du patrimoine commun de la Nation.

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    May, 1996

    This Act provides for the division of land into lots and common property, and for the administration of the land by the owners of the lots. A plan of community division may, in addition to dividing land into community lots and common property, create one or more development lots to enable division of the community parcel to be undertaken in stages. A community corporation is established when a plan of community division is deposited by the Registrar-General in the Lands Titles Registration Office.

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    March, 1996

    The present Act introduces some amendments to the Land Transaction Act of 9 December 1992. In particular, the Act amends, inter alia, article 9 dealing with authorization on behalf of competent authorities; article 13 concernig grounds for rejection and exclusion; article 15 on Submission obligation; article 16 on Municipal Land Transaction Commission; article 36 on Transition periods.

    Amends: Land Transaction Act. (1992-12-09)

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    July, 1996

    The purpose of the present Law is to safeguard the public interest on the occasion of the transfer of land or parts thereof, taking into account the need to comply with the principles of a sustainable protection of the environment, nature and landscape.

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    November, 1996

    Por medio de la presente Ley se aprueba la Convención de las Naciones Unidas de Lucha contra la Desertificación, en los países afectados por la sequía grave o desertificación, en particular en África, hecha en París, el 17 de junio de 1996, y cuyo texto integral se adjunta a la Ley.

  10. Library Resource

    An Act to provide for the registration of premises that are let out and related matters.

    January, 1997
    Americas, Caribbean, Barbados

    This Act requires tenancies for residential or business purposes to be registered with the Commissioner of Inland Revenue. The Act also defines certain duties of a landlord and defines certain actions of the landlord in the relationship with the tenant as an offence.

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