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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1998
    Indonesia, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    Soil degradation, both due to soil erosion and nutrient removal, is a major problem in cassava fields. Most of the existing management technologies that have been developed have had little success in adoption. Some of the reasons are that the technology developed is technically oriented, based on experiment station research with very little farmer involvement.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1998

    Farmer Participatory Research (FPR) in Vietnam has been carried out since 1994 in collaboration with CIAT, with the objective of improving the adoption of soil conservation practices in cassava fields. Two villages in Pho Yen district, Bac Thai province; one in Thanh Hoa district, Vinh Phu province; and one in Luong Son district of Hoa Binh province were selected as pilot sites for implementing the FPR methodology.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1998
    Thailand, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    A pilot project on the use of Farmer Participatory Research (FPR) methodologies with the objective of enhancing farmer adoption of practices that minimize soil erosion in cassava-based cropping systems, was conducted jointly by DOA and DOAE with technical and financial support from CIAT in two sites in Nakhon Ratchasima and Sra Kaew provinces. The activities involved a preliminary survey using RRA methodologies, the setting out of demonstration plots, as well as farmers meetings and farmers field trips to observe the demonstration plots.

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    October, 1998

    The Law prescribes the procedures for the completion of land reform in cities, as well as for adjustment of the rights of use of land and the property relationship and examination of disputes in issues related to land reform until the completion thereof. The norms of this Law are applicable if it has not been laid down otherwise in the Law on Completion of State and Local Government Property Privatisation and Utilisation of Privatisation Certificates.

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    National Policies
    January, 1999

    This Second National Environment Action Plan is a nation-wide sectoral document that provides a framework to guide the efforts in ensuring that the Maldives continues to develop in a sustainable manner. The approach taken in the formulation of this NEAP II results in drawing out a number of key issues which need to be addressed and then identifying appropriate responses to them. The aim of this Action Plan is to protect and preserve the environment of the Maldives, and to sustainably manage its resources for the collective benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.

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    June, 1998

    La presente Ley de Ordenación del Territorio y de la Actividad Urbanística, que tiene por objeto la regulación de la ordenación del territorio y de la utilización del suelo para su aprovechamiento urbanístico en Castilla-La Mancha. La actividad administrativa de ordenación de la ocupación, transformación, uso y aprovechamiento del suelo es una función pública, cuyo cumplimiento corresponde a la Administración de la Junta de Comunidades y a los Municipios, en el marco de esta Ley y en las respectivas esferas de competencia que ella les asigna.

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    June, 1998
    Republic of Korea

    The purpose of this Decree is to prescribe matters delegated by the Foreigner's Land Acquisition Act and matters necessary for the enforcement thereof. The text consists of 7 articles as follows: Purpose (1) ; International Organizations Subject to Report on Land Acquisition Contracts (art. 2); Report on Land Acquisition (art. 3); Management of Report on Land Acquisition (art. 4); Permission Areas of Land Acquisition (art. 5); Land Acquisition by Means of any Cause other than Contracts (art. 6); Imposition of Fines for Negligence (art. 7).

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    January, 1999

    Condominium is a non-commercial organization that is set up by a half of the constituent assembly of the owners of housing facilities in a single or several compactly situated residential palaces united by common plot of land and elements of infrastructure or in a single block-section of a residential palace provided with a separate entrance. The Law consists of 27 articles. Land plots shall be conceded to the condominiums on condition of permanent tenancy. Size ceiling of the plots of land shall be determined by the local self-government in conformity with the construction norms (art.

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    May, 1998

    The purpose of this Law shall be to govern relationships concerning the maintaining of sanitary conditions, defining the general requirements for sanitation in order to ensure the right of an individual to healthy and safe working and living conditions, ensuring normal sanitary conditions, defining the rights and duties of individuals, economic entities and organizations with this respect.

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