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  1. Library Resource
    May, 2009

    These Regulations provide for the prevention of land desertification, the transformation of desertified land and the protection of the safety of the environment in Liaoning province. The Regulations consist of 37 articles.The provincial administrative department in charge of forestry o shall work out the planning of desert prevention and transformation of the whole country.

  2. Library Resource
    February, 2009

    This Law closely regulates various issues (administrative, legal, procedural, technical) regarding the effective use, management and disposal of state owned properties (mobile and immovable), including the land and agricultural land (on the territory of the Republic of Montenegro).The Law is divided into VIII Chapters and 77 articles, including the offences and related penalties (see Chapter VII).

  3. Library Resource
    June, 2009

    The purpose of these Measures is to effectively fulfill the state land supervision responsibilities, standardize field inspection and verification on major land problems, and improve rapid response and emergency handling capabilities of the state land supervision and inspection institution. The Measures consist of 20 Articles.The Measures provide for the contents, standards, work discipline and responsibilities, implementation and reporting of on-site inspection and verification.

  4. Library Resource
    August, 2009

    Mediante el presente Decreto se crea el Fondo de Asentamientos Humanos y se establece su entidad ejecutora. El Fondo está finalizado a financiar la ejecución de Programas de Asentamientos Humanos en lo referido a: a) identificación, organización y traslado de los beneficiarios; b) provisión de infraestructura provisional para el establecimiento de las familias beneficiarias; c) la implementación de servicios básicos en los núcleos de aposentamiento; d) la provisión y producción de alimentos para el autoconsumo en los primeros meses del aposentamiento.

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