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    July, 2009

    This Regulation determines the correct manner and way for conducting inventory and field studies on soils damaged by erosion, acidification, siltation, compacting and reducing of soil organic matter.The Regulation further sets the necessary related restorative measures (soil functions), as well as the maintenance and execution of such activities, that are performed in order to establish the areas with potential and actual risks of soil damage.These survey and additional studies will be carried out by and at the expense of the budget of the Executive Agency for Soil Resources of the Republic

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    March, 2009

    This Regulation provides for several soil monitoring rules and provisions, including the establishment of the National Soil Monitoring System (NSMF) as competent national body and registry.The above mentioned National Soil Monitoring System is part of the National Environmental Monitoring System and includes the collection, assessment and summarization of all soil related information as well as the maintenance of a soil information system and its necessary modifications and updates.These rules are aimed at assessing the actual status of soils, analyzing and forecasting the development of va

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    November, 2009

    This Regulation hereby officially suspends the decision that previously granted the use of land plots (farmland, forests, buildings and moveable property) for which the effective recognition and restoration decisions have been made as compensation for the recognized successors of the former kings Ferdinand I and Boris III (also suspends the exploitation and construction activities).

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    May, 2009

    This Regulation determines the necessary quality and monitoring requirements for the water (surface, underground and waste waters) intended for agricultural crops irrigation on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.This text further sets the criteria and indicators for irrigation water quality assessment, also aimed to prevent the damage caused by hydro-technical facilities engaged in irrigation related activities (possible adverse impacts of irrigation water or waterworks); rules for areas identified as vulnerable zones; maintenance of land and soil in good agricultural and environment

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