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    Reports & Research
    January, 2017

    This DPhil dissertation  explores the logic, methods, and outcomes of a U.S. government- sponsored land reform in Lesotho, Southern Africa. The reform was part of a $363 million grant from the Millennium Challenge Corporation to the Kingdom of Lesotho that funded a sweeping change. Instead of local chiefs administering and allocating land, the power shifted to bureaucrats and landholders, who received leasehold titles to their land.

  2. Library Resource
    How Do Differences in Land Ownership Types in China Affect Land Development? A Case from Beijing
    Peer-reviewed publication
    January, 2017

    China has a unique land use system in which there are two types of land ownership, namely, state-owned urban land and farmer collective-owned rural land. Despite strict restrictions on the use rights of farmer collective-owned land, rural land is, in fact, developed along two pathways: it is formally acquired by the state and transferred into state ownership, or it is informally developed while remaining in collective ownership.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    February, 2016

    The paper highlights the fast changes in understanding and conceptualizing the complex topic of land governance, its multi-facetted aspects and inter-linkages to other thematic sectors. Major policy developments, such as state divestiture and increasing private investment into land, and a stronger and more influential role of Civil Society Organizations are addressed in more detail. Capacity development at all levels (e. g. academic, administrative, community, private investors) is identified to be essential for good and transparent governance in the sector.

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    Institutional & promotional materials
    December, 2016

    Three years of drought have taken a heavy toll on the rangelands and water supplies that Somalia’s 7+ million pastoralists rely on to keep their animals alive and healthy. Livestock are their most important possessions – trade items bartered for food and other essentials; high-value assets used as collateral; the source of daily dairy protein. But malnourished animals do not produce as much milk. They cannot be traded, or only traded for less. And even minor illnesses can kill livestock weakened by a lack of food and water.

  5. Library Resource
    September, 2016

    La presente Resolución aprueba el Instructivo para Estandarización de Abreviación, Simbolización y Formato de Base de Datos para Cartografiado Geológico, uso obligatorio en la cartografía geológica del Instituto Nacional de Investigación Geológico, Minero, Metalúrgico (INIGEMM), y referencial para las instituciones nacionales, públicas, privadas y académicas que realizan actividades geológicas en el país.

  6. Library Resource
    November, 2016

    La presente Resolución, considerando que entre las funciones de la Dirección General de Normas y Tecnología Industrial (DGNTI) está el de reconocer a los comités sectoriales de normalización que lo soliciten y presten asistencia técnica, reconoce el Comité Sectorial de Normalización de Información Geográfica/Geomática por un periodo de tres años, y que tendrá la función de preparar normas y reglamentos técnicos para la información geoespacial, dentro de los parámetros internacionales establecidos para esta actividad, con la posibilidad de ser sometidas al proceso de elaboración, adopción, a

  7. Library Resource
    December, 2016

    Item 4.9 shall be amended to add the following wording: “National budget shall finance mapping of the boundaries of land plots allotted to peasant farms for family farming, legalization of rights to agricultural land plots and bonus payment to purchase prices applicable for purchase of agricultural commodities form smallholders”.

    Amends: Decree No. 16 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food validating the Instruction on financing out of national budget agricultural production, fishfarming and processing of agricultural commodities. (2016-04-29)

  8. Library Resource
    July, 2016

    El presente Decreto Supremo aprueba el Reglamento de la Ley que oficializa la transformación al Sistema Geodésico Horizontal Oficial WGS84 de las coordenadas UTM referidas al sistema PSAD56 de los vértices de los petitorios mineros, de las concesiones mineras, de las concesiones de beneficio, de labor general y de transporte minero, y la metodología utilizada para dicho fin, de acuerdo al informe de la Dirección de Catastro Minero del Instituto Geológico, Minero y Metalúrgico (INGEMMET).La presentación de las observaciones a las coordenadas del Sistema Geodésico Horizontal Oficial WGS84 de

  9. Library Resource
    May, 2016
    Burkina Faso

    Le présent décret ratifié la Convention sur la coopération transfrontalière adoptée à Malabo le 27 juin 2014.Les objectifs de la présente Convention sont: promouvoir la coopération transfrontalière aux niveaux local, sous régional et régional; saisir les opportunités qui naissent du partage de frontières communes et relever les défis y afférents; faciliter la délimitation, la démarcation et la réaffirmation des frontières inter-Etats, conformément aux mécanismes convenus par les parties concernées; faciliter le règlement pacifique des différends frontaliers; assurer une gestion intégrée, ef

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