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    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    The scope of this Decree is to clarify the possible impact that certain measures may have on the environment. Planning of measures listed in Schedule I shall always be accompanied by an environment impact assessment. The Schedule specifies also the responsible authority and the legislation on which the assessment is based. Measures listed in the Second Schedule shall be reported in accordance with the Act relative to planning and construction of 1985. The criteria for an eventual assessment of those measures can be found in section 4 of this Decree.

  2. Library Resource

    Forskrift om planlegging og godkjenning av veier for landbruksformål.

    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    The sections of this Decree are divided into 4 Chapters: Introductory provisions (I); Applications for the approval of construction and reconstruction of roads for agricultural and forestry purposes (II); Handling of applications, decisions, and conditions, and related matters (III); Final provisions (IV). "Road for agricultural or forestry purposes" is defined in section 1. Construction or reconstruction of such roads shall not be carried out without a permit of the municipality concerned.

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    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Decree makes further provision for assessment on the environment, natural resources, and public health of operations covered by Act relative to planning and construction. Operations listed in Annex I shall always be accompanied by an impact assessment. Section 4 lists criteria for the application of the impact assessment requirement on operations listed in Annex II. One of the criteria is the potential harm an operation can do to a protected area.

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