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    FOR 2013-06-25 nr 769: Forskrift om tilskudd til drenering av jordbruksjord.

    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    The purpose of this Regulation is to increase the quality of previously drained agricultural land by providing subsidies for drainage of poorly drained soils, with potential for the increase of agricultural production and to minimize erosion and runoff of nutrients into watercourses. Subsidies for drainage of agricultural land shall correspond to NOK 1 000 per hectare.

    Implements: Act No. 23 of 1995 concerning land use. (2011-03-03)

  2. Library Resource

    Lov om forpakting.

    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Act regulates agreements of lease of real property used for agricultural or forestry purposes and other matters regarding the relationship between lessor and lessee. Section 1 defines the application sphere of the Act. The rules laid down by this Act cannot be excluded by agreements, unless the Act expressly provides so. Lease contracts shall be made in writing (sect. 3). The owner of the land object of the agreements shall submit the agreement to the municipality within a month of entry into force (sect. 4).

  3. Library Resource
    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Decree allows the County Agricultural Councils to delegate matters relating to redistribution of land up to a certain size and the preparation of land regulation plans pursuant to sections of the Land Reform Act to the County Agricultural Chief or the Forestry Chief and allows the Agricultural Boards to delegate those matters to agronomists or forester of a certain rank.

  4. Library Resource
    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    Permits shall be obtained in accordance with a procedural scheme adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture. However acquisition of land for certain (agricultural) purposes is exempted from such requirement. If such is the case the acquirer shall submit a self declaration drawn up in accordance with a scheme adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture. Together with the declaration a statement from the municipal authorities regarding the status ad size of the land shall be submitted.

  5. Library Resource
    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    The text of this Decree of the Department of Agriculture consists of 24 sections divided into 4 Chapters: General introductory provisions (I); Implementation and maintenance (II); Ecological cultivation and ecological cleaning measures (III); Final provisions (IV). The aim of granting incentives for investment is to protect agricultural land, to prevent erosion and pollution of the soil, and to enhance biodiversity and natural beauty. Measures are classified as "technical ecological measures" and "ecological planting and cleaning measures".

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