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    January, 2006
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    This Law regulates the conditions and methods for determining of the correct, safe, sustainable and controlled use and planning (spatial also) of the construction land (private and state-owned construction land), including the financial issues (as regards the territory of the Republic of Srpska, autonomous province part of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina).The Law is divided into VIII Chapters and 51 articles (for mechanisms and instruments for financing the construction of construction land see Chapter V).

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    August, 2006
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    This Law sets the necessary the conditions, correct and sustainable manner and related administrative and physical procedure as regards the expropriation of real estate for construction of objects of general interest (execution of works of general national and/or infrastructural interest such as: objects of economic infrastructure: traffic, water management, energy and telecommunications, defense facilities, facilities for the protection of the environment and protection from natural disasters, and exploration of other natural resources/wealth).In relation to the above mentioned expropriati

  3. Library Resource
    November, 2008
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    This Law amends some articles part of the rules brought by the Law on expropriation (Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska 112/2006 and 37/2007).Changes are related to the: (article 33, paragraph 1-7) right to possess the expropriated immovable property upon the date of the final expropriation decision; further decides that the beneficiary of the expropriation (if unit of local self-government), acquires the right to possess an expropriated real estate by the date of validity of the expropriation decision, if until then the previous owner was fully paid (compensation for expropriated i

  4. Library Resource
    January, 2000

    This Law sets the necessary rules and provisions as regards the expropriation of land (the deprivation or restriction of property rights on immovable/real estate/land parcels and similar when required by the public interest, with a fair compensation).The expropriation procedure and the bodies for its implementation are also defined by this Law.The Law is divided into VI Chapters and 63 articles, including specific compensation issues (see Chapter V).

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