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    Eswatini, Southern Africa, Africa

    The Governor shall appoint a Commission to deal with concessions confirmed by the Chief Court. Any concession or grant on land conferring any of the rights listed in article 4 shall be suspended until further notification is made according to the provisions of this Act.

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    North Macedonia, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law prescribes all necessary standards, rules and procedures aimed to regulate the correct and sustainable management of the geodetic-cadastre of the Macedonian Republic, including the provisions governing the information system, the maintenance of the real estate cadastre, the establishment and maintenance of the cadastre of infrastructure objects as part of the real estate cadastre, the basic geodetic works, the geodetic works for special purposes, the real estate property survey performed in service of the real estate cadastre, the survey and the maintenance of the state borderline

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    Закон Алтайского края от 12 мая 2005 г. N 32-ЗС "Об объектах культурного наследия (памятниках истории и культуры) в Алтайском крае" (с изменениями от 30 января, 7 декабря 2007 г.).

    May, 2005
    Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia

    This Regional Law regulates relations in the sphere of conservation, management and state protection of the objects of cultural heritage. Scientific research and conservation of the objects of cultural heritage shall be carried out by state cultural institutions and by licensed natural and legal persons. Classification of objects as cultural heritage shall be performed by the Regional Council of People’s Deputies within a year from the date of submittal of application for classification of objects as cultural heritage.

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    An Act to provide for the survey of land and matters incidental thereto.

    Eswatini, Southern Africa, Africa

    A Surveyor-General for Swaziland shall be appointed by the Minister for Works, Power and Communications, who shall: (a) supervise and control the survey and charting of land; (b) take charge of and preserve all records appertaining to surveys of land; (c) examine all general plans and diagrams of surveys of land before any registration of such land is carried out; (d) define on the diagram of any piece of land the geometrical figure representing any portion of the land; (e) cancel or amend in accordance with any law any general plan or diagram found to be incorrect; (f) prepare, certify and

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