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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2017
    Jordan, Western Asia

    Jordan's rangelands, the so called Badia, home of the Bedouins, are threatened through a combination of over-exploitation of the ecosystem services and a changing climate towards drier seasons and highly erratic rainfalls. In the recent decades, the once productive grazing lands transformed into sparsely vegetated and crusted desert grounds not capable of retaining the sporadic rainwater within the landscape - and consequential surface runoff inevitably accelerates soil erosion and gullying.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2013
    Ethiopia, Africa, Eastern Africa

    Extensive land degradation in the Ethiopian Highlands jeopardizes rural livelihood. Intensified by increasing population pressure, farmers are forced to expand their arable land by deforestation and thus worsening the soil erosion problem. Through the application of various soil conservation measures, farmers and authorities try to prevent against further land degradation.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 2014
    Ethiopia, Africa, Eastern Africa

    Land degradation through extensification of agriculture and overgrazing is an increasing problem across large expanses of the Ethiopian highlands that give rise to a loss in a range of ecosystem services. Ecological restoration through exclosure establishment has become increasingly important approach to reversing degraded ecosystems in Ethiopia and particularly in the Amhara regional state, northern Ethiopia.

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    SDG indicator 15.3.1: Proportion of land that is degraded over total land area cover image
    Conference Papers & Reports
    June, 2017

    The UNCCD is the custodian agency leading an Inter-Agency Advisory Group on 15.3.1 composed of our key partner FAO as well as the CBD, UNFCCC, UNEP and UNSD to further refine the methodology and data tools/options for this indicator.

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