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    Wet van 19 januari 2012 inzake instelling van de Raad voor de leefomgeving en infrastructuur (Wet Raad voor de leefomgeving en infrastructuur).

    Netherlands, Europe, Western Europe

    This Act establishes the Council for the Living Environment and Infrastructure, which shall advise the Government and the two houses of parliament regarding sustainable development of infrastructure, spatial planning, the and the environment, and in particular on a wide variety of matters including, climate policy, water, agriculture, nature conservation and food quality. The Council shall also advise on hazardous substances and disaster prevention and management.

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    Landsverordening ruimtelijke ontwikkeling.

    Aruba, Americas, Caribbean

    This Ordinance establishes the Council for Physical Development and provides rules for town and country planning and development in general in Aruba. The Minister shall prepare a Physical Development Plan, which contains general indications of proposed development. The Plan shall be adopted by State Decree. Directives based on the Plan may determine which development activities may be carried out only with an authorization of the Minister. Such activities may include the mining, the felling of trees, afforestation and cultivation of land and the establishment of waste reception facilities.

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