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    Wet houdende regels inzake ammoniakemissie uit tot veehouderijen behorende dierenverblijven (Wet ammoniak en veehouderij).

    Netherlands, Europe, Western Europe

    The scope of this Act is to regulate the granting of permissions by livestock holders to emit ammoniac into the environment. A system of calculation of emission is introduced. Whether a permission to keep livestock or to increase an existing production and thus emit (more) ammoniac is granted or not, depends upon the location of the proposed livestock production. No permission shall be granted in ecologically fragile areas, e.g. areas that from part of a main ecosystem and are declared as such under legislation of a prior date or are declared to be such in accordance with section 2.

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    Netherlands, Europe, Western Europe

    In order to comply with Council Directive 91/676/EEC concerning protection of water waters against pollution of nitrate from agricultural sources the norms regarding the use of nitrates are sharpened and charges increased by the present Act. Furthermore, rules are introduced so as to place further limits on the production of manure and to make the granting of production capacity dependent upon the capacity to use the manure on the producers' lands or to place that manure on the markets.

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