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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    This Law lays down several amendments and addenda to Law No. 8934 on environmental protection. In particular, it adds new definitions such as “integrated environmental permit”, “accident”, “environmental threat”, “environmental risk” , “climate change”, “clean development mechanisms”. The Law establishes the environmental cadastre under the Agency of Environment and Forestry to identify the pollution and the damages of the environment and its elements. The cadastre is the database of all the quantitative and qualitative indicators, pollution sources and the polluted areas.

  2. Library Resource
    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    These provisions supplement article 51 of Law No. 8405 of 1998 with regard to the fees that must be paid in respect of certain projects to obtain construction permits.

    Amends: Law No. 8405 on urban planning. (1998-09-17)

  3. Library Resource

    Vendim Nr.897, datë 21.12.2011 për miratimin e rregullave për shpalljen e zonave të veçanta të ruajtjes.

    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    The proclamation of the special protected areas (SPA) is done according to the requirements set forth by Article 4/3 of the Law 8906 of 2002 on protected areas. To be eligible for SPA status, the territories should be within existing protected areas and enjoy the Ramsar status as ligatins of international importance, or the Berne status as areas of great importance for the flora and fauna protection.

    Implements: Law No. 8906 for protected areas. (2002-06-06)

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    Albania, Europe, Southern Europe

    Article 6 of Law No. 8505 specifies that "outside urbanized territories construction is allowed only when new facility has been included in a regional study and master plans approved by appropriate institution. Regional studies and master plans shall be compiled excluding agricultural land of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th category, as well as protected natural areas", as defined by a technical report of the District Office of Agriculture and Food.Article 1 of Law No.

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