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  1. Library Resource
    August, 2017

    This Law amends article 78 of the general basis for policies on public soils, land use and urbanism. Amended article establishes that the special territorial planning plans in force shall be transposed, according to the law, to the inter-municipal or municipal master plan and other plans applicable to the area covered by the special plans, until 13 July 2020. Provisions shall apply to special plans relating to alteration, suspension and preventive measures applicable to inter-municipal and municipal plans.

  2. Library Resource
    Other legal document
    January, 2005

    Moçambique é um dos países da SADC que ainda possui consideráveis recursos florestais e faunísticos. Estes recursos são de especial importância para o país, pela sua dimensão ambiental, social e económica. A exploração e utilização dos recursos florestais e faunísticos, da forma como vem sendo realizada, ameaça a conservação e a perpetuação destes recursos a médio e longo prazo.

  3. Library Resource
    Portugal, Southern Europe, Europe

    This Decree-Law establishes the requirements for land use planning approval. It consists of 16 articles and 1 Annex specifying the requirements to be satisfied by ordinary, municipal, regional and special land use plans under the supervision of the Ministry of Land Administration.

  4. Library Resource
    December, 2007
    Europe, Southern Europe, Portugal

    This Resolution, composed of two articles and one Annex, approves the management Plan of Albufeira de Santa Clara (POASC), including the regulation and zoning maps, and modifies accordingly the National Ecological reserve. The Attached Management Plan is composed of VI Chapters divided in 35 articles. It classifies land use allowed in the area covered by the Plan with the view of balancing natural resources and values with a sustainable land use.

  5. Library Resource
    Brazil, Americas, South America

    This Law, composed of eight chapters divided in 24 articles, institutes the Superintendence for Northeast Development – SUDENE, with the view of promoting sustainable development of the area and its integration in the production system. The Law defines its composition, legal nature, objectives, implementation areas. Main tools envisaged for SUDENE action include a Regional Development Plan and dedicated Development Funds (namely FNE and FDNE).

    Implemented by: Decree No. 9.309 regulating Law No. 11.952 to regulate land tenure in rural areas. (2018-03-15)

  6. Library Resource
    Mozambique, Eastern Africa, Africa

    This Decree, composed of one article and one Annex, approves the Regulation on Environmental Quality and Effluents’ Emissions. The aim is to define environmental quality patterns for granting an effective control and management of pollutant concentration levels in environmental components. The annexed Regulation is composed of 26 articles and 6 annexes divided in six Chapters. It defines air quality standards and emission requirements, water classification according to the uses and related quality control requirements with special regards to potable water.

  7. Library Resource
    Portugal, Southern Europe, Europe

    This Regional Legislative Decree approves the Touristic Plan of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. This Plan consists of 3 chapters 2 annexes and 4 maps of the archipelago. In view of the increasing touristic demand this Decree establishes the bases for the territorial management with touristic purposes, describes maximum authorised infrastructures to be created in order to satisfy such demand until 2012.

  8. Library Resource
    Portugal, Southern Europe, Europe

    This Decree-Law establishes the territorial management regime. It consists of 8 chapters establishing the bases for the territorial management and for urban planning, defining the regime for the coordination of national, regional and municipal activity with the general regime for land use planning. It establishes terms of evaluation, approvation and execution of territorial management system, divided as follows: General provisions (chap. 1); Territorial Management System (chap. 2); Sanctions and offences (chap. 3); Prevention measures (chap. 4); Execution and compensation (chap.

  9. Library Resource
    Portugal, Southern Europe, Europe

    This Regional Decree establishes the territorial management regime. It consists of 20 articles specifying that the enforcement of the regional policy on agricultural and urban land planning is under the competence of the Regional Government with a view to local development. Land expropriation requirements are established in the text.

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