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    May, 2003

    This Law defines the legal, organizational, economic and social principles of conducting smallholding activity. Smallholding (individual peasant farm) shall be a business activity that is carried out without the creation of a legal entity by an individual or by family members or relatives that live together in order to meet their personal needs through the production, processing and consumption of agricultural products, vending of its surpluses and the provision of services using the property of a private peasant farm, also in the field of rural green tourism.

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    March, 2003

    El presente Decreto crea el Programa de riego y recuperación de tierras degradadas, adscrito al Ministerio de Agricultura y Ganadería (MAG), cuyos objetivos son el fortalecimiento e inversión en los siguientes ámbitos: 1) Optimización de uso del agua, especialmente la destinada para riego; 2) Reactivación de las economías de los pequeños agricultores; 3) Generación de empleo; 4) Garantizar la seguridad alimentaria interna del país; 5) Lograr mayor estabilidad socioeconómica en las zonas rurales, disminuyendo el crecimiento acelerado de los centros urbanos; y, 6) Armonizar el desarrollo urba

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    Reports & Research
    December, 2003

    This publication provides sharper focus on reducing poverty where it is most absolute and most wide spread. This review outlines a new strategic goal, collaborative ways in which the institute is enhancing its responsiveness to the fast - changing global environment; and five new research themes, viz, Targeting opportunities, Enabling Innovations, Market opportunities, Biotechnology and people, and Livestock and the Environment. The review also identifies three broad pathways, viz security assets, improving productivity, and accessing markets.

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