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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    December, 2015
  2. Library Resource
    Hungary, Eastern Europe, Europe

    Article 1 of this Decree determines the cases in which a soil conservation plan must be elaborated. General requisites of content of the plans are laid down in Annex 1, while detailed and technical requisites are determined in Annex 2. In certain cases a simplified plan may be presented in conformity with Annex 3 to this Decree. According to Article 4 pedological characteristics contained in plans shall be registered by the soil conservation authority in the pedological database.

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    Hungary, Eastern Europe, Europe

    Plant protection and soil conservation stations are part of the national administration. They are established in each county and in the capital and are supervised by the Minister of Agriculture through a specialized division of the Ministry. They carry out all the duties regarding plant protection, plant health and soil conservation specified in special provisions. As part public, part private structures they can establish enterprises.

  4. Library Resource
    International Conventions or Treaties
    Hungary, Norway, Eastern Europe, Europe, Northern Europe

    The Parties shall cooperate on environmental policy and management, town and country planning, reduction of environmental pollution, nature protection and cultural heritage, environmental monitoring and information systems, education and propaganda. A permanent Hungarian-Norwegian Workgroup is established for the implementation of this Agreement. The Agreement is in force for five years and shall be automatically extended for a further five years unless one of the Parties rescinds it three months before expiry.

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