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  1. Library Resource
    February, 2007

    This Regulation determines the manner for carrying out the necessary inventory and surveys over the areas (if present on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria) with polluted soil, defining the mandatory restoration measures, including the implementation and maintenance of such restoration measures.These rules will not apply to areas that are covered by programmes for elimination of environmental damage under the terms of other more specific documents (see article 1, paragraph 2).Major purpose of this text is to offer direct provisions aimed to set the inventory and field surveys that sh

  2. Library Resource
    January, 2017

    These Regulations amend the Industrial Emissions (Framework) Regulations as regards the requirements for certain categories of installations, combustion plants, waste incineration plants or waste co-incineration plants in general binding rules that the Malta Environment and Planning Authority may adopt (see regulation 8).

    Amends: Industrial Emissions (Framework) Regulations, 2013 (L.N. 9 of 2013). (2013)

  3. Library Resource
    February, 2016
    United Kingdom

    These Regulations amend the Common Agricultural Policy Basic Payment and Support Schemes (Wales) Regulations 2015 and the Common Agricultural Policy (Integrated Administration and Control System and Enforcement and Cross Compliance) (Wales) Regulations 2014 by inserting provisions which provide that there will be a national reserve established by the Welsh Ministers setting out, in priority order, how funds in that reserve will be used.

  4. Library Resource
    May, 2016

    This Law 49/2016 amends articles 5, 7, 14, 24, 26, 29 and 31 of Law 9693 of 2007. The amendments concern the ownership of the pasture fund now divided into a) the state pasture fund consisting of the pasture and lawns owned by the municipality managing their territory; and b) the private pasture fund consisting of the pasture and lawns in private property.The line ministry is the responsible authority for the protection and administration of the pasture fund in the protected areas.

  5. Library Resource
    March, 2017

    Le présent arrêté fixe, en application de l’article 47 du décret n° 2016-61 du 26 février 2016 susvisé, l’organisation, la composition et le fonctionnement du conseil scientifique de l’institut national de recherche en sciences exactes et naturelles.

    Met en oeuvre: Décret n° 2016–61 du 26 février 2016 portant approbation des statuts de l’institut national de recherche en sciences exactes et naturelles. (2016-02-26)

  6. Library Resource
    July, 2009

    This Regulation determines the correct manner and way for conducting inventory and field studies on soils damaged by erosion, acidification, siltation, compacting and reducing of soil organic matter.The Regulation further sets the necessary related restorative measures (soil functions), as well as the maintenance and execution of such activities, that are performed in order to establish the areas with potential and actual risks of soil damage.These survey and additional studies will be carried out by and at the expense of the budget of the Executive Agency for Soil Resources of the Republic

  7. Library Resource
    May, 2009

    Le présent arrêté du Gouvernement flamand est relatif à la lutte contre l’érosion. L’article 1er établit que dans les limites des crédits budgétaires prévus à cet effet, le Ministre peut, conformément aux dispositions fixées dans le décret et dans le présent arrête, accorder une subvention aux communes en vue de l'application d'instruments et de mesures de lutte contre l'érosion à petite échelle.

  8. Library Resource
    May, 2012

    The scope of this Regional Law shall be to ensure fertility of agricultural land by owners, landlords, land tenants and leaseholders. The main arrangements for ensuring soil fertility shall be: (a) elaboration and realization of regional programs; (b) soil, agrochemical, phytosanitary, ecological and toxicological inspection; (c) investments in soil conservation and reproduction; and (d) improvement of soil quality and fertility.

  9. Library Resource
    March, 2015
    Czech Republic

    This Act lays down some amendments and addenda to Act on the protection of agricultural land. The present Act defines new principles of protection of agricultural land.

  10. Library Resource
    October, 1996

    This Regulation determines the necessary conditions, responsibilities, rights and duties of state and local authorities and sets the obligations of related professional services as regards the implementation of the provisions and effective application of the terms previously set out by the Law on the protection of agricultural land (Official Gazette of the Republic of Bulgaria 35/1996).Concrete actions and rules provided by this Regulation are related to: the consultancy for owners and users of agricultural land; the limits of actions leading to damage to the ecological functions; the prohi

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