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    Reports & Research
    December, 1994
    Niger, Africa, Western Africa

    This research was undertaken as a Ph.D. dissertation (Stanford University) in conjunction with the ILCA programme in Niamey, Niger. The objective of the research was similar to that of the World Bank studies: to test how land tenure affects land-improving investment, agricultural productivity and resource management. The standard hypothesis is that land tenure that is non-exclusive insecure or non-transferable will lead to under-investment and depressed factor mobility.

  2. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 1994
    Ethiopia, Africa, Eastern Africa

    This research is being undertaken as an ILCA project with support from the Rockefeller Post-Doctoral Fellowship Programme. There are three objectives. One objective is very similar to that of the World Bank and Niger studies: to determine the effects of land tenure on investment, productivity and efficiency in crop-livestock systems in the Ethiopian highlands.

  3. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 1994
    Africa, Western Africa

    IITA developed alley cropping (also called hedgerow intercropping by ICRAF) in the mid 1970s to alleviate the problems of reduced soil fertility, reduced yields and soil erosion that were associated with population growth and reduced fallow periods. In the early 1980s this technology was adapted by ILCA to serve as a source of feed. On-farm research was conducted in two locations of South-West and South-East Nigeria. The locations differ in terms of population density, soil fertility, land tenure and typical farm layout.

  4. Library Resource
    Reports & Research
    December, 1994

    This document reports the results of a small meeting of social scientists from ILCA and IFPRI held at ILCA. The workshop was conceived to summarize the results of studies previously conducted by ILCA and others, to identify priorities for future research; to provide guidance for future research - problems, methodology, locations, and resource requirements, and to consider specific proposals for future research and evaluate the areas of complementarity and/or overlap with other past or current projects.

  5. Library Resource
    August, 1994
    Colombia, Americas, South America

    El capitulo IV de la Ley Nº 160 de 1994, establece un subsidio para la compra de tierras en las modalidades y procedimientos de crédito no reembolsable con cargo al presupuesto del Instituto Colombiano de Reforma Agraria (INCORA), que se otorgara por una sola vez al campesino sujeto de la reforma agraria, con arreglo a las políticas que señale el Ministerio de Agricultura y a los criterios de elegibilidad que se señalen.

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