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    January, 1977

    This Act provides generally for registration of rights in land and land tenure in Belize. “Land” includes land covered with water, all things growing on land and buildings and other things permanently affixed to land. Except as otherwise provided in this Act, but subject to section 38 of National Lands Act, no law, practice or procedure relating to land shall apply to land registered under this Act so far as it is inconsistent with this Act.

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    Journal Articles & Books
    December, 1998
    Eswatini, Benin, Zambia, Bolivia, China, Italy
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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    July, 2015

    Se trata de un aporte técnico para entender el contexto político, reivindicativo, pero principalmente legislativo del acceso a la tierra de sectores populares en el medio rural del Uruguay actual. El estudio parte de la intervención del Estado sobre el acceso a la tierra a través de las leyes e instrumentos complementarios a las mismas y la trama de sus aplicaciones concretas. Por lo tanto es un documento…

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    The present Act lays down provisions relating to the assessment of real property for the purpose of the imposition of real property taxes.

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    Guatemala, Americas, Central America

    La presente Ley establece el marco normativo para las áreas de reserva territoriales del Estado de Guatemala, que están constituidas por aquellas áreas: contenidas en la faja terrestre de tres kilómetros a lo largo de los océanos, contadas a partir de la línea superior de las mareas; de doscientos metros alrededor de las orillas de los lagos; de cien metros a cada lado de las riberas de los ríos navegables; de cincuenta metros alrededor de las fuentes y manantiales donde las aguas surtan a las poblaciones.

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    Cayman Islands, Americas, Caribbean

    This Law makes provision with respect to registration of title in land and effects of registration and provides for a wide variety of matters regarding specific title in land such as leases, charges, transfers, co-ownership and partition, trusts and transmission on death.The Law establishes a Land Register and requires the Governor to appoint a Land Registrar, the functions and powers of which are defined by this Law. The Land Register shall consist of a register of parcels adjudicated under the Land Adjudication Law and a register of each lease required by the Law to be registered.

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    Canada, Americas, Northern America

    A basic Act concerning real property in the province of Manitoba. In particular, its objects are to simplify the title to land, to give certainty thereto, to facilitate the proof thereof, and to expedite dealings therewith; and the Act shall be construed in a manner to best give effect to those objects.

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